Must see attractions in Graubünden

  • P

    Palazzo Castelmur

    Originally built in 1723, this castle was later renovated in 1854, giving it an intriguing mix of both Moorish and Gothic styles. It's surprising…

  • L

    Lago di Poschiavo

    At 962m, a few kilometres down the valley from the village of Poschiavo, this gorgeous lake was formed naturally by rock slides on both sides of the…

  • C


    Ringed by thick woods, this exquisitely turquoise lake is a 15-minute stroll and then short lift ride south of Flims Waldhaus. It's an attractive spot for…

  • O


    Near the Plessur River, the Obertor marks the entrance to Chur's alley-woven Altstadt. This four-storey building with an archway at the bottom, a leftover…

  • K

    Kloster Disentis

    This Benedictine monastery, which towers above Disentis/Mustér, has a lavishly stuccoed baroque church attached. A monastery has stood here since the 8th…

  • M


    Once the munitions tower (its previous name was Pulverturm meaning Gunpowder Tower), this is one of the few parts of the Old Town walls that were erected…

  • S


    Stampa, a village of 595, was the home of the artist Alberto Giacometti (1901–66), and is the location of the valley's tourist office. Easily accessed by…

  • K

    Kathedrale St Maria Himmelfahrt

    Chur's 12th-century cathedral, which took over a century to build, conceals a late-1400s Jakob Russ high altar containing a splendid triptych. First signs…

  • M


    The museum next door to Kloster St Johann takes you through part of the monastery complex, with Carolingian art and other relics.

  • E

    Engadiner Museum

    For a peek at the archetypal dwellings and humble interiors of the Engadine Valley, visit this museum showing traditional stoves and archaeological finds.

  • M

    Museo Ciäsa Granda

    While this museum focuses on the works of the Giacomettis and Varlin, it also has good exhibits on the geology, flora and fauna of Val Bregaglia.

  • R

    Rätisches Museum

    Housed in a baroque patrician residence, this museum spells out the canton's history in artefacts, with Bronze Age jewellery, Roman statuettes, weapons…

  • S

    St Remigiuskirche

    This Romanesque church is perched on a hill that has been a site of worship since prehistoric times, as attested by the line-up of modest menhirs leading…

  • W


    This ski-obsessed museum races you back to an age when skis were wooden planks and snowshoes improvised tennis rackets.

  • S


    In the back of the Old Town, this is one of the few remains of the old defensive walls built in the 13th century.