Drinking and nightlife in Fribourg, Drei-Seen-Land and The Jura

  • Nightlife in The Jura Mountains


    This Irish pub in Fleurier with an awesome terrace out front is the go-to spot on the highway for passing groups of cyclists, hikers and motorists. It's got a great friendly vibe, over 60 world beers, absinthe (of course) and stodgy pub food. If you have too much of any of that, you can spend the night for Sfr50 (including breakfast).

  • Nightlife in The Jura Mountains

    Distillerie Blackmint Kübler et Wyss

    In 2005, following Switzerland’s lifting of its absinthe ban, this place distilled its first true and authentic batch of the mythical brew from valley-grown wormwood. Mix one part crystal-clear liqueur with five parts water to make it green.

  • Nightlife in Neuchâtel

    Chauffage Compris

    Despite its name – Heating Included – this retro bar, with a decorative tiled entrance, is one cool place to loiter, be it for morning coffee, evening aperitif, night-owl drink or simple snacks.

  • Nightlife in Neuchâtel

    Le Bassin Bleu

    In the heat of the summer much of the drinking action gravitates towards the water's edge with pop-up bars and drinking spaces such as upcycled, portside paddling pool Le Bassin Bleu.

  • Nightlife in Drei-Seen-Land

    Ayers Rock Pub

    Well, what do you know, an Aussie-themed pub in the middle of Payerne. As long as the beer's cold, she'll be right, mate!

  • Nightlife in Neuchâtel

    La Plage

    In the warmer months this beachside bar is the place to go for early evening drinks and cocktails.