Ales Stenar

Top choice ruins in Skåne

One of Skåne's most intriguing and remote attractions, this place has all the mystery of England's Stonehenge without the commercialism. It's Sweden's largest stone-ship setting, gorgeously located on a grassy knoll by the sea, 19km east of Ystad. Guided tours can be arranged through Ystad's tourist office. To get here, take bus 392 from Ystad (three times daily from June to August). At other times, take bus 570 from Ystad to Valleberga kyrka, and then walk 5km south to Kåseberga.

'Stone ships' are ancient burial sites found predominantly in Scandinavia and the northern Baltic states, dating to between 500 and 1000BC (approximately). Huge stones were placed around the grave-site in the shape of a ship; it is thought to best equip the wayfarer/s for the journey into the afterlife.