Must-see shopping in Dongdaemun & Eastern Seoul

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    Top Choice

    See what's coming next in Korean fashion at this fabulously well-designed boutique, which offers streetwear, gifts and bags on the ground floor and more…

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    Dongdaemun Market

    The bargaining never stops at this colossal retail and wholesale cluster, best visited at night when local buyers come clamouring for deals. The…

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    Cut through Dongdaemun’s commercial frenzy by heading to its leading fashion department store, which is full to the brim with domestic and foreign brands…

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    Pyounghwa Clothing Market

    Part of Dongdaemun Market, the Pyounghwa Clothing Market is a mind-bending warren of identical stalls selling clothes, fabric and accessories. You've got…

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    Dapsimni Antiques Market

    One for serious collectors, this sprawling collection of antique shops is spread over three separate precincts. Here you can browse through old dusty…

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    Seoul Folk Flea Market

    You could kit out half the world's hipster cafes from the teetering stacks of dusty ornaments, table lamps, musical instruments and valve radios crammed…

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    Lotte Fitin

    In the same mould as Doota, if slightly more focused on global brands, this high-rise department store has multiple levels of clothing, cosmetics,…

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    Just opened at time of research is this postindustrial shopping mall, art centre and office complex housed in an old factory unit. The open-air roof has a…

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    Gwangjang Market

    As well as the food and fabrics sold here, head upstairs for stalls full of second-hand clothing. There's the usual flannel shirts, vintage dresses, army…

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    Dongdaemun Shopping Complex

    The multistorey Dongdaemun Shopping Complex has a staggering range of fabrics and trimmings of every conceivable kind.

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    Hyundai City Outlets

    Join fashion bargain-hunters as they trawl through 11 floors of clothing, cosmetics and accessories.