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(1) Mysterious Road It is called the Jeju Mysterious Road or Dokkaebi(Goblin) Road. It earned its name because when you place a car on this steep road, the car does not roll down but it goes up, defying gravity. This is actually an optical illusion, in which the surroundings trick the eye and make the road look like it is tilted in the opposite direction.   (2)-1 Mt.Halla (Eoseungsaenak trekking) Eoseungsaenak trekking is slightly easier than other trekking courses. Visitors can visit the Travel Centre first and start hiking. In the sunny days, you can see Chuja Islands, Biyangdo, Seongsan Ilchulbong and mountains in the east of Jeju Island. * In case of rain, it will be replaced by (2)-2 Hallasan National Park Visitor Center (3) Alive MuseumAlive Museum is the first museum that brings "Optical Illusion Art" and "Interacting Art" to Korea. In these interesting art works, visitors can use different facial expression and action to create their own art work.(4) Lunch Korean Traditional meal set (Choose one between Bibimbab set with Grilled fish or Abalone Seafood Stew with Grilled fish) (5) Jusangjeoli Cliff (UNESCO World's Heritage)When you visit here and watch the pleasing waves hitting those connected Jisatgae Rocks Columns, you will be surprised by the amazing power of nature. The height of the columns around 30~40m, width around 1km, it's the biggest column in Korea.  (6)-1 Oedolgae  It was named Oedolgae Rock since it is isolated far from the land and located lonely in the middle of the sea. There is also a legend that says that the rock was actually a grandmother who transformed into a rock after waiting for a grandfather to return from fishing, and so it is also called Grandma Rock.*In case of rain, it will be replaced by (6)-2 Yakcheon temple  (7)Jeonbang Waterfall Jeonbang Waterfall, Cheonjiyeon Waterfall, and Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls are the most popular waterfalls in Jeju Island. Jeonbang waterfall is the only waterfall that flows to the sea directly in Jeju Island.  

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