Buddhist Temple in Gajisan Provincial Park

This temple is a visual masterpiece filled with enchanting contours, colours and contrasts. It begins at the park entrance with an 800m walk through a heavily wooded forest, where patches of sunlight struggle to break through the thick canopy of foliage. Home to female monks, the temple is just beyond a fork in the path that is the starting point for a 6.4km hike up Gajisan.

From Busan's Central Bus Terminal, catch a bus to the small but confusing Eonyang terminal (₩3300, 35 minutes, every 20 minutes) and buy a ticket for Seoknam-sa (bus 1713, ₩2000, 20 minutes, every 15 to 30 minutes). On the way back, bus 807 is another option to Eonyang (₩1200, every 15 to 30 minutes). It stops outside the bus terminal.