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Booking a few things to do in advance can take out the stress of arriving in a new place. You can touch down and get straight into the action: skip the line at famous monuments or jump on a hop-on hop-off bus, join a walking tour for an insider’s view, learn to cook like a local, or even dive with sharks. With a little planning you won’t miss any of the big highlights.

Lonely Planet’s guide to sightseeing tours and activities

Whether you’re craving things to see in New York City, or want to explore la belle Paris, a tour is a great way to get straight to the heart of a new place. Lonely Planet’s huge range of sightseeing tours and activities gives you choice galore, from elephant orphanage tours to Italian cooking classes.

Tours can give you the edge by helping you to jump queues, learn from experts and enjoy some local flavour. Whether you’re a history buff or a wandering gourmet, you’ll be spoilt for choice for things to do. Booking a tour through Lonely Planet can give your travels a real boost:

Get stuck into your destination. If you’re keen to get your bearings when you land somewhere new, there’s no better way than a one day city tour. You might like to book a day trip to Stonehenge from London, or a cruise on Sydney Harbour, to be sure you don’t miss the top attractions of these dynamic sights.

Be first in line. That enourmous queue in the midday sun? Skip straight past it by booking onto a tour of the Vatican or an exploration of the Colosseum.

Awaken your senses. Get the royal treatment on one of these Royal London sightseeing tours or quench your thirst by wine tasting on a Tuscany tour.

Learn from experts. If iconic attractions fire your imagination, let a knowledgeable expert guide you on a tour around the impressive Hagia Sophia or be amazed on a Hoover Dam tour.

A different perspective. Interested in Boston duck tours, Alcatraz tours or Grand Canyon tours by helicopter? A themed tour could shine a new light on your destination and leave you with fantastic memories.