Best restaurants in North Coast

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    Arguably the best place to dine in Aguadilla, Zazones serves up island-specific dishes such as jíbara chicken, mahi-mahi and rodaballo (turbot) in a striking 21st-century dining room. The service is impeccable and the food presented with almost gourmet-style attention to detail. Some claim this is the best meal they've eaten in Puerto Rico.

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    The Reef is a relatively upmarket deli on the Hwy 110 strip, offering delicious, well-prepared dishes and a friendly Puerto Rican welcome. As for the sit-down food, the burgers are the headline act, with everything from gorgonzola burgers to spicy pepper burgers available. These folks do a good line in fresh fish too. Then there's the deli stuff: bean salads, stuffed jalapeňos and even salmon flown in from Scotland if you get there on the right day. The small supermarket specializes in unusual grocery items.

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    Puerto Rico's best bakery perches on the edge of the Aguadilla Ramey Base, tempting passers-by with delicious baked-on-the-premises bread, croissants and cakes. There are a few tables inside and more outside, and great coffee too.