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The peninsula was formed over the course of about 8000 years by sea currents and winds, which gradually formed an uninterrupted belt of sand. At the end of the 17th century, as old maps show, the sandbar was still cut by six inlets, making it a chain of islands. In the 19th century the peninsula was cut into separate pieces several times by storms. The edges have been strengthened and the movement of the sand has been reduced by vegetation, but the sandbar continues to grow.

The peninsula is bookended by two fishing ports: the aforementioned Hel at its tip and Władysławowo at its base. Between them is a third port, Jastarnia, and three villages: Chałupy, Kuźnica and Jurata. All are tourist resorts during the short summer season (July and August) and are linked by a railway line and a surprisingly good road running the peninsula’s entire sandy length.

The northern shore is one long stretch of beautifully sandy beach and, except for small areas around the resorts (which are usually packed with holidaymakers), they’re clean and deserted.

The Hel Peninsula is easily accessible from the Tri-City by train and bus.

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