Must see nightlife in Mindanao

  • W
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    White Banana Beach Club

    There's no better happy-hour spot than White Banana. It's owned by a DJ and the music, piped through Siargao's best sound system, is on point. Come happy…

  • M
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    Matina Town Square

    A collection of outdoor bars and food joints, and a handful of more upscale restaurants and clubs, MTS is a lively and fun spot. On Tuesday nights there’s…

  • C
    Coffee for Peace

    This small cafe is the retail outpost of a fair-trade community-oriented organisation, one of the first in the Philippines to export arabica coffee. A…

  • A
    Alcatraz Penal Bar

    Named for the American prison, as well as a defunct '90s Davao bar, but there's little nostalgia. DJs spin the latest club dance tracks, and strobes and…

  • O
    Oak Room

    A few touches, including a ceiling arched like a wine barrel and an old red British phone booth stocked with liquor, give this dimly lit spot a cool vibe…

  • B
    Bluegré Coffee

    One of the city's coffee culture pioneers and purveyor of durian-flavoured coffee drinks. Cosy and good food and pastry selection. A few other cafes are…

  • A

    New owners, same as the Alcatraz Penal Bar, breathed life into this massive space known as downtown's premier club in the '80s and '90s.

  • K
    Kitya's Place

    Kitya's is where expats go to swill beer and swap swell tales, especially on the lively reggae nights (Wednesday and Sunday).

  • G
    Green Coffee

    A large Starbucks equivalent with better cakes and pastries, as well as comfy indoor and outdoor seating.

  • O
    Offshore Bar

    Cheap beer, soft-serve ice cream and billiards make this a popular spot with the tight-knit expat community, especially on rugby and Australian rules…

  • J
    Jungle Disco

    A motley mix of locals, expats and travellers get down and dirty on, appropriately enough, a dirt dance floor. Tuesday and Friday nights are most…

  • R
    Rum Bar

    The roving party scene heads here late on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday nights. Located around 1km west of GL.