Must-see attractions in Panama

  • Casa Alarcón

    Panama City

    The massive ruins of Casa Alarcón represent Panamá Viejo's best-preserved and largest known private residence, which dates from the 1640s.

  • Cerro Pirre

    Darién Province

    One of the tallest peaks in Parque Nacional Darién, Pirre has a ranger station and a lodge where you can spend the night.

  • Footbridge

    Darién Province

    This wobbly suspension footbridge over the Río Chucunaque links Yaviza proper with the 'suburb' of Puerto Nuevo.

  • Casa de la Municipalidad

    Panama City

    This 1881 neoclassical townhouse in Casco Viejo was built on top of the castle gatehouse of the city.

  • Catholic Church

    Veraguas Province

    This landmark church is in the center of Santa Fé.

  • World Trade Center

    Panama City

    Located within the financial district, these two towers were built in 1996.

  • Museo Victoriano Lorenzo

    El Valle

    The exhibits in the three rooms of this small museum east of the center focus on local history and the eponymous mestizo national hero. The most…

  • Museo de la Nación Guna

    Comarca de Guna Yala

    This badly maintained, privately owned collection of Guna artefacts over two floors includes the usual baskets, molas and gammu burwi (bamboo flutes),…

  • Instituto Nacional de Cultura

    Panama City

    INAC is responsible for maintaining the country’s museums and other cultural institutions. There is a small gallery on the 1st floor that displays works…

  • Hospital de San Juan de Dios

    Panama City

    There's not much left of Panamá Viejo's sole hospital, Hospital de San Juan de Dios. Much of the remains were scattered when Av Cincuentenario and a side…

  • Museo de Ciencias Naturales

    Panama City

    Museo de Ciencias Naturales has sections on geology, paleontology, entomology and marine biology, as well as an impressive display of taxidermy.

  • Iglesia de la Sagrada Familia


    The Church of the Sacred Heart, facing downtown's central Parque de Cervantes, has a bell tower and dates largely from the 19th century.

  • Río Sábalo Bridge

    Darién Province

    Cross the Río Sábalo bridge to reach Sambú's twin indigenous village of Puerto Indio.

  • Spanish Cannon

    Darién Province

    This cannon dating back to the time of the conquistadors takes pride of place in El Real's main square.

  • Iglesia de San Francisco

    Panama City

    This restored 17th-century church exhibits Gothic, Romantic and Renaissance architectural influences.

  • Congreso General Guna

    Comarca de Guna Yala

    This is the headquarters of the supreme governmental body of the Comarca de Guna Yala.

  • Feria de Santa Fé

    Veraguas Province

    The town's fairgrounds are where all important events and celebrations take place.

  • La Piscina

    Comarca de Guna Yala

    This fabulous sandbar is a popular swimming spot for day-trippers staying on any of the Cayos Limones.

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