Must-see shopping in Panama

  • Galería de Arte Casa Congo


    A wonderful gallery with museum-quality pieces made mainly by Afro-Caribbean craftspeople and artists. Helpful displays explain the cultural background of…

  • Karavan

    Panama City

    An excellent place to find original Guna embroidery with modern designs and Congo art from Portobelo, Karavan commissions local artists, works closely to…

  • Beermarkt


    Panama City

    German owned and run, Beermarkt is the go-to place for beer lovers in Panama. Located in the expat area of Clayton, it offers a great range of brews ($2…

  • Artesanías Reinaldo Quirós

    Coclé Province

    The workshop and residence of one of La Pintada's most famous hat makers is in the center of town on the west side of the soccer field. He'll gladly show…

  • Artesanía Bribrí

    Bocas del Toro Town

    This centrally located and heavily stocked shop sells hammocks, clothing and local handicrafts, such as jute bags made by indigenous Ngäbe people, molas…

  • Casa Latina

    Panama City

    Colorful Casa Latina has a large selection of beautiful handicrafts, ranging from the affordable to a Panama hat on sale for US$2500! Some of the items on…

  • Weil Art Gallery

    Panama City

    If you’re looking for Panamanian art, then you should visit one of the three branches of the Weil Art Gallery. Each space stocks a selection of paintings…

  • El Hombre de la Mancha Bookstore

    Panama City

    Located in La Plaza in Ciudad de Saber, this small but well-stocked bookstore is an ideal spot to find kids' books and toys. Books are in Spanish and…

  • Mercadito Artesanias Catedral shop.

    Mercadito Artesanías Catedral

    Panama City

    You may not notice the Mercadito Artesanías Catedral if it wasn't for the resellers who sometimes pop out to invite you in. Spread along an indoor gallery…

  • No Me Olvides

    Panama City

    Featuring the classic Panamanian-made guayaberas (tropical dress shirts) made popular in the 1950s, in all colors and patterns, with a few selections for…

  • Nina Concept Store

    Panama City

    This fanciful lifestyle store is filled with a curated selection of homewares and curios. There’s also a cafe-restaurant serving light bites and decent…

  • Reprosa

    Panama City

    Sells quality huacas (replicas of pre-Columbian gold pendants) and necklaces made of black onyx and other gemstones.

  • Multiplaza Mall

    Panama City

    The biggest downtown mall, with designer shops, restaurants and a cinema. It's east of downtown, on the way to Panamá Viejo.

  • Multicentro Mall

    Panama City

    Has a cinema and shops, along with many outdoor restaurants.

  • Mercado Artesanal

    El Valle

    El Valle is home to one of Panama’s largest handicrafts market. Indigenous Ngöbe-Buglé people, along with a sprinkling of Emberá and Wounaan, bring a…

  • Ceramica La Peña

    Veraguas Province

    A ceramic workshop and artisan market, this place sells wood carvings and baskets made by the Emberá and Wounaan peoples of the Darién, woven purses and…

  • Quesos Chela

    Panamá Province

    The nondescript town of Campana, located 65km from Panama City, is home to this famous cheese shop, an institution that few Panamanian drivers can pass by…

  • Casa Cultural

    Darién Province

    About 3km south of the Interamericana this thatched 'House of Culture' on stilts in Ipetí Choco shelters some two-dozen women artisans who will sell you…

  • Artesanías Ocueñas

    Península de Azuero

    Overlooking the central plaza in Ocú is this outlet of the internationally renowned women's co-op Artesanía Ocueña. The group sells intricate montunos …

  • Elena Montilla

    Península de Azuero

    Elena Montilla is a nationally known maker of Panama-style hats based in Ocú; she also makes polleras (traditional dresses from the Península de Azuero)…

  • Ezequela Maure

    Península de Azuero

    Visitors are welcome at the Ocú workshop of this nationally known maker of Panama-style hats. Drive or walk north about 1km on Av Central; if you come to…

  • Cooperativa de Artesanos Guararé

    Península de Azuero

    This mini-shop in the center of Guararé and run by the local artists cooperative is an excellent place to pick up locally produced treasures – from…

  • Taller Portobelo


    This artist-run studio is fascinating for art and culture buffs. Resident artist Gustavo can explain the historical and cultural significance of Congo art…

  • Friday Market


    Held behind Mana restaurant, this weekly farmers market is a great place to stock up on picnic items. Homemade hot sauces, aged goat cheese, baked goods…

  • El Palacio del Sombrero

    Panama City

    For a Panama hat with a twist, head to this shop with a small selection of traditional hats dwarfed by other bright, bold designs. Choose from a rainbow…

  • Lido Isle

    Bocas del Toro Town

    This upbeat boutique sells women's clothing designed by the Californian owner as well as original jewelry, bags and wallets.

  • Victor's Panama Hats

    Panama City

    Although Ecuadorian in origin, Panama hats were firmly adopted by Panamanians after President Roosevelt was photographed wearing one at the construction…

  • Albrook Mall

    Panama City

    Next to the bus terminal, this mall has a cinema, a supermarket and dozens of stores, including American and European chains. If you need it, there's also…

  • Zona Libre


    Second in size only to Hong Kong’s, Colón’s free-trade zone is a huge fortresslike area of giant international stores selling items duty free. Most stores…

  • Taller Jaén-Reyes

    Península de Azuero

    For a chance to see how polleras are made, particularly the lace trim, visit this workshop just off the main road run by husband and wife William Reyes…

  • Colon 2000


    This sterile shopping and entertainment sector geared toward cruise-ship travelers sits on the east side of Colón. Though lacking in any discernible…

  • Weil Art Casco

    Panama City

    Attached to the Iglesia San José, this gallery showcases Rolo de Sedas' manga-cute pop art of Panamanian women in rainbow bursts. Women in Congo dress and…

  • Mercado

    Veraguas Province

    Just past the entrance to town, this market sells fruits and vegetables, woven handmade bags, a wide range of hats, leather goods and many other…

  • Tropix Surfboards

    Bocas del Toro Town

    Sells custom-made surfboards and a few used ones as well. Also has a large selection of swimwear and other island apparel.

  • Mercado de Artesanías Coclé

    Coclé Province

    This market stocks both everyday and high-quality hats from Panama as well as other locally produced handicrafts.

  • Tuesday Market


    A weekly market at the local theater features arts and crafts, jewelry, organic produce and prepared foods.

  • Habanos Point entrance

    Habanos Point

    Panama City

    This cigar shop and bar on a quiet street of the historic district of Casco Viejo aims to bring a little piece of Havana to Panama City. There's a…

  • El Dorado Mall

    Panama City

    Near one of Panama City’s newer Chinatowns, El Dorado also has restaurants, shops and a cinema. It's located near Corredor Norte and Parque Natural…

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