Must see restaurants in Muscat

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    Al Angham

    This exquisite restaurant next to the Royal Opera House offers just the kind of refined fare demanded of a special occasion, such as a night at the opera…

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    Bait Al Luban

    You know you're somewhere unique when the complimentary water is infused with frankincense. This delightful restaurant is housed in a renovated khan …

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    Kargeen Cafe

    With a choice of open-air and majlis-style dining (on sedans in small rooms), this Muscat favourite has spilt into a courtyard of illuminated trees to…

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    The Beach

    This top-class restaurant, with superb Arabian ambience created by fire pits and subtle lighting, serves exciting, complex fare in a luxurious beachside…

  • I
    Ice Cream Mama

    Arising out of an Omani family enterprise that produced homemade ice cream based on a single hand-me-down recipe, this successful brand is spreading…

  • R

    As if Oman didn't have enough forts, they've just built a new one. Unlike its dusty old predecessors, however, with their all but empty interiors, this…

  • Z
    Zahr El Laymoun

    Bench seats with colourful cushions spill on to the pavement at this excellent Lebanese restaurant, inviting diners to make a night of it. That's easily…

  • M
    Mumtaz Mahal

    Specialising in northern Indian Mughlai cuisine, Mumtaz Mahal is more than just the best Indian restaurant in town – it is part of the landscape of Muscat…

  • D
    Dukanah Cafe

    For a chance to sample not just Omani food but also a representation of an Old Muscat house, Dukanah Cafe is a fun destination, particularly for breakfast.

  • T
    The Cave

    This cave-like complex of seven different restaurants includes Al Manjur, an Omani restaurant with shuwa (slow-cooked, marinated meat dishes, OR8) on the…

  • U

    This Omani restaurant (with seating at tables rather than on the floor) offers an avant-garde menu. Camel features among other traditional meats. Leave…

  • B
    Blue Marlin Restaurant

    With cheerful cloth-covered tables under brollies alongside the harbour, the Blue Marlin offers consistently delicious light bites at lunchtime – perfect…

  • A
    Al Daleh Restaurant

    Nervous Omani hospitality students practise their culinary and waiting skills at this exceptionally good-value restaurant. Menus comprise mostly top-notch…

  • D
    D’Arcy’s Kitchen

    Next to the Omani Heritage Gallery in a sociable part of town, this friendly, award-winning establishment serves consistently good-value Western…

  • L
    La Brasserie

    Serving delicious French food in a small wooden den of a restaurant opposite the fish market in Mutrah, La Brasserie is the perfect venue for coffee and a…

  • F
    Fastfood ‘n’ Juice Centre

    East of the main entrance to Mutrah Souq on Mutrah Corniche, this thoroughly typical local-style restaurant with tables on the pavement is an ideal place…

  • R
    Royal House Restaurant

    This light-spangled restaurant on Mutrah Corniche offers cosy indoor dining on sedans under Turkish lanterns, or at trestle tables alongside Mutrah's busy…

  • A
    Al Boom & Dolphin Bar

    This intimate, licensed restaurant, with large windows and a terrace overlooking the fish market, is a good place to get a feel of Muscat’s age-old…

  • B
    Bin Ateeq

    Catering to homesick traders from the interior, this restaurant is one of the few to serve genuine Omani food the traditional way with seating on old…

  • C
    City Tower Grill Restaurant & Cafe

    Ignore the entirely irrelevant name of this venue and have an egg roll-up and fresh orange juice in view of Al Mirani Fort in this corner street cafe,…