Must see nightlife in Muscat

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    Trader Vic’s

    When it comes to cocktails (try the Samoan Fogcutter or Honi Honi), nowhere competes with this fun and lively Polynesian-style venue. Resident expert…

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    On the Rocks

    This novel lounge restaurant, with its giant psychedelic TV screen, serves a spirited cocktail and a fine-dining menu for modest prices, but it's the…

  • C
    Café Bateel

    This stylish cafe overlooking the marina has brought a touch of class to the new esplanade that is slowly expanding around the fashionable Al Mouj complex…

  • G
    Grand Hyatt Muscat

    If you sit sipping tea long enough in the extravagant foyer of this sumptuous hotel, chances are you’ll worry that the tea was laced: the statue of the…

  • D
    Duke's Bar

    With a terrace overlooking the end of Qurm bay, this is a perfect venue for a happy-hour cocktail. Watch the sun sink over the ocean at one of the terrace…

  • A
    Al Ghazal Bar

    More of a pub than a bar, this is a popular expat-meeting place, with live music, a quiz night, televised sport and excellent Western-style bar food.

  • A
    Al Makan Cafe

    This branch of a popular chain of local-style coffee shops has the advantage of a magnificent view of the sea and a small garden for shisha smokers,…

  • J
    John Barry Bar

    Named after the raised ship and its booty of silver treasure that made the fortunes of the Hyatt’s owner, this bar is a sophisticated setting for some…

  • R
    Rock Bottom Café

    For Muscat’s perennial hot spot, visit Rock Bottom Café, which has live music every night with a DJ and a dance floor in case the mood takes you.