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Watch this adventurer ride an inflatable pizza off a massive iceberg in Greenland

A recent National Geographic expedition to Southern Greenland culminated in a rather unexpected sight; professional rock climber Ethan Pringle riding an inflatable pizza off a massive iceberg into the icy Arctic water below.

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The crew, led by Mike Libecki – National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year 2013 – navigated their way through this difficult, icy terrain and up an unnamed mountain. During the boat ride back to Tasiilaq, Ethan decided to take the plunge, hauling the pizza slice to the top of the 300-foot iceberg, climbing aboard and sliding down into the freezing water.

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National Geographic posted the video, providing some background to the team’s adventure: “the hallmark of any gruelling expedition is the ability to laugh along the way with your friends as much as possible. It makes the hard times tolerable and the good times even that much better. We just returned from a six week expedition to Southeast Greenland, a mission led by @mikelibecki, where @ethan_pringle and Mike climbed the hardest route in the country up an unnamed mountain.

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“A burly first ascent on un-chartered terrain. On the long boat ride back to Tasiilaq, Ethan wasn’t done with “firsts” and decided to ride an inflatable slice of pizza down a 300 foot iceberg, launching into the icy waters. This trip was peppered with moments like this, the ones that make you feel like a kid again and keep you and your friends laughing. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did in person @connor_seybert”

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Ethan also used Instagram to explain his very brave escapade: “I must interrupt my regularly scheduled broadcasting to show you a clip of the coolest thing I’ve probably ever done: ride an inflatable slice of pizza down a massive iceberg. When I first learned @mikelibecki brought an inflatable pizza to Greenland to float down the river on, I knew I wouldn’t be able to leave the country with my head held high unless I sacked up and rode the thing off a berg.

“On our second to last day on the boat headed back to civilization we came across the perfect iceberg – a big ole mother with a long, perfectly angled slope that led to a 20 foot drop off. Well I’m here to tell you folks, pizzas can fly and dreams do come true. Thanks for capturing this unforgettable moment @ladzinski, @andy_mann and @connor_seybert, and thanks for always believing in and supporting my dreams @mikelibecki. You are true friends!”

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