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These globetrotting nationalities are the most travelled in the world

If you’re out exploring the world, don’t be surprised if some of the travellers you meet along the way happen to be Irish – folks from the Emerald Isle are the most-travelled in the world, according to a new report.

Rear view of young backpackers in the city. Looking forward in down town street of Knez Mihailova, Belgrade, Serbia.
Irish people are the most travelled in the world, according to new research. Image by vgajic/Getty Images

Hostelworld analysed global booking data from 170 countries and found that – proportionate to its small population – Irish people are the most travelled, followed by Australians and New Zealanders. The hostel booking site measured overseas and staycation accommodation bookings since 2014 to find the most intrepid travellers, and while the Irish are making the most bookings per capita, they’re also sticking a bit closer to home, with Dublin, Galway, Cork and Belfast all making their top 10 bookings.

Aussies were actually more likely to travel globally, with London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Barcelona as the most commonly checked-off their bucket lists. The top 10 list of most-travelled countries is rounded out by people from England, Canada, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Scotland, Sweden and Denmark.

The iconic Big Ben clock tower shown on a sunny morning in London.
London is the most popular destination with travellers. Image by ©Alexey Fedorenko/Shutterstock

If the data is weighted without accounting for population, people from the US have made the most bookings for accommodation overseas due to the country’s massive population. It is followed by England, Germany, Australia and Canada.

And where are all these travellers headed? It turns out London is the most popular destination for those from the most globe-trotting countries. In fact, overall European destinations tended to get the most bookings, with seven of the top 10 spots found on the continent. Spain welcomed the most visitors overall since 2014, according to Hostelworld, followed by Italy, the USA, England, and Germany.