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Discover your inner minifigure at Florida's Legoland Beach Retreat

Lego fans around the world just got another option for indulging their obsession, thanks to Legoland Beach Retreat, which has just opened outside the Legoland theme park in Winter Haven, Florida.

Lego figures water-skiing at Legoland Beach Retreat, Florida
Lego figures water-skiing at Legoland Winter Haven, Florida Image by Orlando Sentinel/Getty Images

Made up of 83 colorful bungalows arranged into 13 “coves” around Lake Dexter, the Beach Retreat is a half mile from Legoland and feels like a cross between a planned community and a traditional roadside motel. Each house is modeled after a Lego set, as are the other buildings and the playground equipment (including, of course, plenty of giant Lego bricks). “Kids feel like they’re in an actual Lego box set,” says project manager Keith Carr.

The bungalows can sleep up to five, and each has a patio and outdoor play area, allowing for more space for larger families and groups traveling together to congregate. There’s also a swimming pool, a cafe and a retail store on the premises, which emphasizes the village feel. S’mores are served in the evenings, and there’s a buffet breakfast in the morning. And each house has its own custom Lego parrot on a perch somewhere. As with the Legoland Hotel, which opened in 2015, guests at Legoland Beach Resort get transportation and early access to the park.

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“We’re creating this Legoland community … and that’s really kind of cool,” says Adrian Jones, the hotel’s general manager.

The first Legoland theme park opened in Denmark in 1968; today there are eight worldwide, most with accompanying hotels.

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