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This incredible street art is painted with ink made from air pollution

City-living has a lot of benefits – like access to the best restaurants, museums and art – but there can also be downsides – such as traffic, crowds and smog. But, a new project is turning one of the biggest drawbacks of living in the city into amazing street art using ink made of air pollution.


Air-Ink is the world’s first ink created from air pollution, which was invented by Anirudh Sharma, the co-founder of Graviky Labs. Now, his team has partnered with Singapore’s Tiger Beer to use the ink to create works of art in major cities, starting in London, followed by Berlin, New York and Singapore.

The project will take resident artists in each city – including Buff Monster, KristopherH, Patrick Vale, Paul Davis and Die Dixons – and have them use the ink to create “artworks symbolising a bright future for our cities’ streets, and inspiring others to take action”.

Air pollution artwork is showing up in New York. air pollution street art
Air pollution artwork is showing up in New York. Image by Tiger Beer

In New York, people can see artworks created around Manhattan using the ink, and a mural by Buff Monster can be seen in Chelsea, at 28th Street and 7th Avenue. There will also be a “Clean Art Gallery,” that will open on Earth Day – 22 April – at Senaspace Gallery in Soho. The gallery will be open to the public until its closing date on 1 May.

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