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A Brooklyn bar serving cocktails on tap in chemistry beakers has New Yorkers VERY excited

What do you get when you mix two smart young mixologists with entrepreneurial minds?  Why a cocktail laboratory, of course.

Taps for the bar's signature draft cocktails.
Taps for the bar’s signature draft cocktails. Image by Yours Sincerely

In recent years, Brooklyn has become the unofficial global hub of hipsterdom.  The New York City borough is the place where eating kale chips and drinking from mason jars (probably) originated. So it was only natural that it would now become home to one of the most practical and chic cocktail bars in the Big Apple, Yours Sincerely.

Yours Sincerely first opened it’s dainty doors in the trendy Bushwick area on New Year’s Eve and has drawn an eclectic mix of fans which crowd into the dimly lit bar in the early hours of the morning to grab one of the bar’s signature draft cocktails.

Bushwick sunset, Brooklyn.
Bushwick sunset, Brooklyn. Image by Getty Images

The 20 in-house crafted cocktails are all served on tap and the bartenders just add ice when serving, making it a quick and seamless transaction- cutting out the idle wait normally experienced when treating yourself to a cocktail.

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The proprietors- Julian Mohamed and Darren Grenia- are describing it as a cocktail laboratory and all the drinks and shots are served in beakers, test tubes and other scientific paraphernalia. According to popular social guide Time Out, the boutique style hangout has 40 seats and is dimly lit while another publication positively described it as having a ‘grandmotherly’ vibe to it’s interior. As well as having 20 cocktails on tap, there are also six beers, two wines and a whiskey on draft.

Yours Sincerely opened it’s dainty doors in the trendy Bushwick area
Yours Sincerely opened it’s dainty doors in the trendy Bushwick area Image by Yours Sincerely

Some of the mass produced cocktails include the old fashioned aptly named ‘Swipe Right’ (a nod to Tinder) or their take on the Pina Colada, the ‘Pineapple Express’. While it’s not the first bar to serve cocktails on draft, it’s certainly one of the more unique where everything is on taps, the handles of which are adorned with little porcelain heads. This trendy hangout certainly seems to have received the stamp of approval from cocktail connoisseurs, and the New Yorker recently described it’s offerings as ‘damn good’.