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This fundraising website helps travellers raise money to finance trips when cost is a barrier

If you have ever dreamed of volunteering abroad or interning in a foreign city but the cost was out of your reach, then asking people to help fund your travel may be the solution.

Fundmytravel say they want to make it possible for anyone to travel, even when cost is a barrier.

One online service is offering to help put intending travellers in touch with others who may be willing to contribute money towards their trip.

FundMyTravel allows travellers to set up their own personal page to raise money for study, interning, volunteering, or even family emergencies.

The site gives travellers a platform for raising money.
The site gives travellers a platform for raising money. Image by Fundmytravel.com

Since the site was started, more than €650,000 has been raised with hundreds of people able to make trips they would never otherwise have been able to.

One of them, Brian Lung from the US, travelled to Vietnam where he wanted to volunteer with IVHQ at a school that cared for kids with special needs in Ho Chi Minh City.


He told Lonely Planet: “My volunteer service was to provide childcare to disabled children of all ages. These children largely had Down’s Syndrome, cerebral palsy or autism.

“They were delightful to work with and had such a carefree, positive attitude which did not make the job challenging at all. They required attention just like any child, and were grateful for everything.

“The kids enjoyed taking pictures and singalongs. My job included carrying the kids to their beds, feeding them lunch, changing their shoes or foot braces, and last but not least, entertaining them and trying to make them feel good.”

The busy streets of Ho Chi Minh City.
The busy streets of Ho Chi Minh City. Image by Paul Arps / CC BY 2.0

He said the website had helped streamline the funding process and that he had raised over US$1000 in a month from friends, family and colleagues towards his airfare, visas and other travel costs.

The founders of FundMyTravel said that other crowdfunding websites were packed with business ventures and community projects, making it difficult for people’s travel dreams to get noticed or attract funding.

Their website is set up specifically just for travel with current campaigns for people travelling to volunteer in India, the Philippines, and Guatemala.