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Survey shows two out of three Britons hit the bar at the airport

 People from Great Britain are incredibly likely to have a drink at the airport, according to new research. The survey commissioned by CheapFlights.co.uk showed that two-thirds of Britons like to head straight for the bar when they arrive in the departures lounge, and as early as eight o’clock in the morning is deemed acceptable when in the holiday frame of mind in the airport.

Young backpacker couple at airport checking Boarding passes

The survey also found that the average traveller will have three drinks at the airport and a couple more on the plane, even though they wouldn’t usually even consider drinking early in the day.

The reason for the fondness for drinking when in holiday mode seems to be pre-holiday stress, with packing and queuing to blame for rising tension before going abroad. 69% of British people surveyed feel having a drink at the airport ‘takes you away from the stresses and strains of everyday life’.

However, lots of British holidaymakers would seemingly appreciate some regulations in consuming alcohol on board a place after a run of delays and diversions caused by rowdy travelers.

That survey by online travel agent Opodo questioned 1375 British people and found that 79% would welcome some sort of limit to the amount of alcohol that people can consume while up in the air.