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These photos of orphaned baby sloths in Costa Rica have melted our hearts

Daenerys Targaryen may be the Mother of Dragons in Game Of Thrones, but Sam Trull is the Mother of Sloths in real life – which is much cooler, right?

Kermie among the leaves
Kermie among the leaves Image by Sam Trull

Trull is the co-founder and Sloth Director (coolest title ever?) of The Sloth Institute located in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. She’s lived there since 2013 when she took a job working as the Wildlife Manager at “Kids Saving The Rainforest” and discovered her passion for working with sloths. Thus, she co-founded The Sloth Institute nearly two years ago, an as she’s also a wildlife conservation photographer, started photographing the animals there.

The result is her first photo book, “Slothlove”- and it’s a must-see for anyone who loves cute pictures of baby animals.

Locket and Elvis embracing
Locket and Elvis embracing Image by Sam Trull

The sloths on the Institute aren’t on display as it’s in their best interest to have as little contact with humans as possible. However, certain resorts in Manuel Antonio can arrange wildlife walks to see the amazing animals in the wild without disturbing them.

Hopefully these pictures will delight sloth-lovers the world over who can’t quite make it to Costa Rica.

Chuck dangling in a tree - from Slothlove by Sam Trull
Chuck dangling in a tree – from Slothlove by Sam Trull Image by Sam Trull