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London is getting a pop-up rabbit cafe, but not everyone is pleased about it

The latest bizarre, animal-themed pop-up to hit London is a bunny cafe called Bunny Blossom, and it’s coming in June. Little bit squashed!! Welcome Bella, Luca, Elsa

The cafe will be based in North London’s Chapel Market and will be open for business from June 5 to July 11.
Aahh its time for a snuggle!
However, the news hasn’t been positively received by everyone. Animal cafes have come under scrutiny from some who see it as a cruel fad, and think that luring in punters using cute and fluffy pets as a novelty is exploitative. In this case, commenters on Facebook are pointing out that rabbits are very easily stressed and may not enjoy being held and stroked by lots of people.

One user posted: “This is very cruel, rabbits are not accessories or toys they are living beings who get very stressed easily.”

While others expressed delighted at the opening, with one woman writing: “This is by far the best thing I’ve ever seen! I will visit, and I will cry with happiness.”

The pop-up cafe is opening in June.
The pop-up cafe is opening in June. Image by Bunny Blossom Cafe

The owners, in this case, have stated that they’re all rescue rabbits and are living in a happy environment with lots of space to hop around.

Animal cafes have become popular in the Instagram age, and the hedgehog cafe that opened in Tokyo has been doing well since its launch in February. The Japanese city is famous for its wide offering of animals to drink coffee alongside, with its cat, rabbit, owl and even snake-themed locations.In the case of the Bunny Blossoms cafe, guests can either sit at tables and chairs or on the floor and are invited to pet and play with the animals. You can see more on their Facebook page ahead of the official opening.