Fiordland & Southland

Brace yourself for sublime scenery on a breathtaking scale.

Fiordland National Park’s mountains, forests and mirror-smooth waters hold visitors in thrall. Framed by kilometre-high cliffs, Milford Sound was clawed away by glaciers over millennia. Leading here is the Milford Hwy, which reveals a magnificent alpine view at every bend. Shying away from attention is Doubtful Sound, the pristine ‘place of silence’ (which leaves many admiring visitors speechless, too).

From here, a chain of towns characterised by friendliness and fresh seafood is strung along the Southern Scenic Route. The road snakes through Southland to the Catlins, where meadows roll to golden bays and sawtooth cliffs are speckled with dozing seals.

Then there's the end of the line – Stewart Island/Rakiura, an isolated isle home to seafarers and a flock of rare birds, including New Zealand’s beloved icon, the kiwi.

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