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Despite its remote location, the park and its beautiful scenery make it the premier attraction in western Mongolia. Divided from China and Russia by a high wall of snow-capped peaks, the area is a trekker’s paradise.

The main entry to the park is by the bridge over the Khovd Gol, south of Tsengel, although travellers heading directly to the Tavan Bogd region go via Tsagaan Gol or Sogoog Gol. You can pay on entry or at the Mongol Altai Nuruu Protected Areas (MANSPAA) administration office in Ölgii. Border permits are required.

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Altai Mountains and Kazakh Eagle Hunter mixed tour

Day 1 – Pick you up and Drive to White River CampArrive in Olgii, Bayan-Olgii province. Meet our guide and driver. Same day drive to the gate of Altai Tavan Bogd national park which is named “Tsagaan gol” means “White river” also it is approximately 8 hours’ drive from Ulgey to there. On the way stop, you will see ancient stones from Turkic period and do camping along white river valley.Day 2 – Potanin Glacier /long about 20km/After kind of nomadic breakfast, we start horse riding towards Tavan Bogd massif which is more than 4000m higher from Tsagaan gol camp, it takes approximately 7 hours from White River camp to there. And near by the mountains we see approximately 20km Potanin Glacier. And remember camels are carrying our luggage and we riding horses in the wild green nature, sounds like real nomadic right? We will camp nearby the Tavan Bogd Mountains, at the night you will see clearly, beautiful and shining thousands of stars.Day 3 - Altai Mountains /Malchin peak 4,050m/Big day, imagine that you are hiking to the Mongolia`s 3th highest peak which is approximately 4050M and on the Russia, China and Kazakhstan border. After that big day, take your rest since you made it.Day 4 – Tuvan Nomadic FamilyTime to back to the White River camp while horse riding, do relaxing around visit the yurt of local Tuvan family and try Nomadic drinks. Tuvan language is different, but pretty close with both Kazakh and Mongolian languages. Their traditional clothes and yurts looks like Mongolian. By the way, our guide will teach you Mongolian Card game, you will enjoy and play this game.Day 5 – Petroglyph and Khoton, Khurgan LakesAfter wild beautiful mountains, we will drive to Khoton and Khurgan lakes and waterfalls areas. On the way, you will see petroglyph, ancient rock images from Bronze and Turkic age it is unbelievable, amazing. And of course get some rest while looking at the beautiful lakes with views.Day 6 – Waterfall and Kazakh Nomadic FamilyThis day you will see beautiful waterfalls. We start to drive another side of the lake where is beautiful valley with pure running river and beautiful waterfalls. You will do hiking through nomads to the waterfalls. While short hiking, you will enjoy the views and you can visit local Kazakh nomads. And do camping near by the waterfall.Day 7 – Kazakh Eagle and Back to OlgiiTime to drive back to Olgii, on the way back, we will visit Kazakh eagle hunter’s family to experience their lifestyle and see golden eagle. Arriving in Olgii, after a hot shower, we will see Kazakh folk concert at the camp and a goodbye party.Day 8 - Farewell

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Taste of western Mongolia, Package tour 9 days

Tour itinerary:D1 Arrive to Olgii. Welcome to land of gorgeous Altai Mountains. At the airport you will be welcomed by our team. Meet  ethnic Kazakh people who are famous with their ancient eagle hunting culture and hospitality. Drive around 6 hours to White River valley, this is south entrance of Altai Tavan Bogd National Park. /tent/ B,L,D D2 Today we will head to base camp by horseback. If you didn't ride a horse before, that is fine the horses are well trained and mostly serve for tourists. Once we are at base camp, you can enjoy panoramic view of Altai mountains which included highest peak in Mongolia and Potanin glacier. /tent/ B,L,D D3 Climb to Malchin peak. The peak is located right on borderline between Mongolia and Russia. Also it is possible to climb up without any special climbing equipment. Total hiking takes over 7 hours up and down. It is important  good weather for climbing, so there are other activities to do instead of climbing which are absolutely same highlight. You can choose between visit  Mongolia- Russian border monument or explore Potanin glacier. /tent/ B,L,D D4  White River valley.Today we will back down along the White river and you will enjoy stunning nature with milky white river and snow capped mountain on background. On our arrival if you prefer more hiking, we recommend you visit Green Lake which is about 2 hours walk in total. /tent/ B,L,D D5 Trekking to Black River valley. In both of these valley lives nomadic Tuvan people. Who have a own language, culture and Shamanism believe. Visit a Tuvan family and learn more about their way of living. Total trekking takes around 6 hours. /tent/ B,L,D D6 Trekking to Bear Valley. This is one of the most beautiful valley in Mongolia. And it is only possible in summer time. The narrow valley with stunning wild nature. Nobody lives in this valley and you probably will see a wild animal like a deer or fox. /tent/ B,L,D D7 Today we will hike over 3 hours than switch to car and drive around 2 hours. Set our camp by the Khoton lake. Climb to Biluu hill which takes only couple hours and you will have panoramic view of surrounding. Also enjoy a pertoglyphs from Bronze Age. /tent/ B,L,D D8 Visit nomadic Eagle hunter's family. After breakfast we will drive over one hour and visit a nomadic eagle hunter's family. The ethnic Kazakh people have an ancient hunting culture with specially trained golden eagle. Explore more about eagle hunting and have memoriable picture with eagle landed on your arms. /yurt/ B,L,D D9 Drive back to Olgii. Visit main highlights of city. Farewell dinner at local restaurant. Stay overnight in hotel /hotel/ B,L,D D10 Fly back to Ulaanbaatar.

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Enjoy every single moment of your trip where you will have a real adventure in Bayan-Ulgii. You will first head to the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park which is a part of a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site to enjoy the exceptional view on the Shiveet Khairkhan range. You will spend the night with a Tuvan nomadic family to experience a real nomadic daily life.  The highlight of the next day will be the Eagle hunter family learning how they train their eagles and take care of them. You will be amazed by the beautiful Kazakh culture and great hospitality. There are a lot of thing you can do in the region including the Eagle Festival where you can see the competition between the hunters and eagles hunting foxes and hares. This will be the most fabulous thing you will ever see during your trip. You can hike or horseback ride along the Tsagaan gol valley before we head toward the city. Once you are arrived in the city traditional folk and dance show is waiting for you.

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