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    Tumen Ekh National Song & Dance Ensemble

    The Tumen Ekh Song & Dance Ensemble at the State Youth & Children’s Theatre is the most popular tourist cultural show in town, featuring traditional singers, dancers and contortionists. It’s a great chance to hear khöömii (throat singing) and see some fabulous costumes. Shows last just over an hour, and are held daily outside of winter months; check the ensemble's Facebook page for the schedule. You can buy folk music CDs (T25,000) or a DVD (T30,000) of the show. Enter the western gate of the National Amusement Park (Children's Park) and make the first left.

  • Entertainment in Ulaanbaatar

    National Academic Drama Theatre

    During most of the year this large, red-hued theatre shows one of a dozen or so Mongolian-language productions by various playwrights from Mongolia, Russia and beyond. You can buy tickets in advance through Easy Ticket (www.easyticket.mn) or at the booking office, which is inside the small concrete guardhouse on the right-hand side of the theatre.

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    State Opera & Ballet Theatre

    Built by the Russians in 1932 (look for the Soviet stars on the columns), the State Opera & Ballet Theatre is the salmon-pinkish building on the southeast corner of Sükhbaatar Sq. On Saturday and Sunday evenings throughout the year, and sometimes also on weekend afternoons in the summer, the theatre stages stirring ballet and Mongolian-language opera. It's closed in August. Mongolian original operas include Three Fateful Hills by famous playwright D Natsagdorj, and the more recent Chinggis Khaan, by B Sharav. Other productions include an exhilarating (but long) rendition of Carmen, plus plenty of Puccini and Tchaikovsky. A board outside the theatre lists the shows for the current month in English. Advance purchase is worthwhile for popular shows because tickets are numbered, so it’s possible to score a good seat if you book early.

  • Entertainment in Ulaanbaatar

    UB Jazz Club

    As the name suggests, this is a dedicated jazz club – the only one in Ulaanbaatar. There's live music nightly at around 9pm. A rotating group of bands play here (check the Facebook page for upcoming events). You don't need a ticket to get in, unless it's a special event. The unfiltered house beer is another reason to drop by. UB Jazz Club's varied line up of musicians include a number of Mongolia's best, and while jazz features prominently, you may hear other genres, from salsa to swing. Food is also available, including steaks, Mongolian dishes, chops, pizzas and pastas, but service can be slow. The venue has table seating or you can find a spot at the bar.

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    Gandan Live House

    UB's premier live-music venue is this boozy club that hosts local bands playing anything from indie rock to electronica. Music is on Friday and Saturday nights, and during the week it's a rock bar and restaurant. There's an inviting outdoor terrace in summer, and it's part of an entertainment complex of bars, clubs and restaurants.

  • Entertainment in Dornogovi

    Satan Khukhu Theatre

    A theatre named after the famous play by local hero Danzan Ravjaa, who would be proud that this Sainshand theatre group is considered the best outside Ulaanbaatar. Check noticeboards by the entrance for scheduling.

  • Entertainment in Dundgovi

    Central Mongolian Concert Theatre

    A classic building that hosts public performances two to three times a month from September through May. There may be some action during naadam too.

  • Entertainment in Ulaanbaatar

    Puppet Theatre

    Great if you are travelling with children, with three performances a week. Days and times change monthly, so call ahead.

  • Entertainment in Western Mongolia

    Kazakh National Theatre

    At the time of research, the tourism association of Bayan-Ölgii was discussing commencing weekly performances (July only) in 2018 of Kazakh dance and music at this under-utilised theatre in the centre of town. It hosts occasional performances of plays (in Mongolian only).

  • Entertainment in Ulaanbaatar

    Central Sports Palace

    Wrestling, judo, basketball and boxing are held at the Central Sports Palace during the year. If you're in the area drop by and you can usually watch training for the various sports. Late afternoon is the best.

  • Entertainment in Ulaanbaatar

    Gegeeten Entertainment Centre

    Modern cinema complex screening the latest Hollywood releases. The cinema is part of a shiny new mall complex with plenty of eating and retail outlets, across from the east side of the Winter Palace.

  • Entertainment in Khovd

    Khöömii Ordon

    Established in 2009, this ramshackle theatre hosts occasional throat singing performances and is used as a khöömii (throat singing) teaching centre for local kids.

  • Entertainment in Ulaanbaatar

    American Center for Mongolian Studies

    Has a small library of books on Mongolia. Hosts occasional lectures by Western and Mongolian academics, authors and other people of interest; check the website for events.

  • Entertainment in Ulaanbaatar

    Wrestling Palace

    For wrestling outside of Naadam, check out the schedule at the Wrestling Palace, which is the ger-shaped building south of the Chinggis Khaan Hotel.

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    Latest Hollywood releases screened in English.

  • Entertainment in Ulaanbaatar

    River Sounds

    A dedicated live-music venue where folk head for dinner with a show, including jazz bands and the occasional indie rock band. It's located behind the Foreign Ministry.

  • Entertainment in Ulaanbaatar

    Örgöö 2 Cinema

    This comfortable theatre has air-conditioned halls and a modern projection system screening the latest Hollywood releases.