Shopping in Mongolia

  • Shopping in Dulaankhaan

    Khuvchit Num

    This is one of the last traditional bow and arrow workshops in Mongolia. In a large, dusty room, exquisite bows and arrows are made from ibex and reindeer horn, bamboo and even fish guts. Only around 100 sets are crafted every year; each bow takes about four months to complete. A set (bow plus four arrows) sells for about T600,000.

  • Top ChoiceShopping in Ulaanbaatar

    Naran Tuul Market

    Also known as the Black Market (Khar Zakh), this is a must-see spot for those wanting to pick up traditional Mongolian clothing, carpets, horse-riding gear and souvenirs. It's notorious for pickpockets and bag slashers, so wear your backpack on your front and stash valuables in your money belt.

  • Top ChoiceShopping in Ulaanbaatar

    State Department Store

    Established in 1921, the State Department Store, known as ikh delguur (big shop), is a local institution and virtually a tourist attraction in itself. Here the best products from around the city are squeezed into one building, and it's the place to come for quality cashmere (2nd floor), Erdenet carpets (4th floor) and a wide range of souvenirs, traditional clothing and books about Mongolia (6th floor).

  • Shopping in Ölgii


    Traditional Kazakh skullcaps, wall hangings and throws, knives and dombra (traditional Kazakh two-stringed lutes) can be found amid the chaos here. Also good for fruit and vegetables. There are several cheap guanzes (canteens) here, including one run by a Uighur lady who makes Chinese–style noodles. The market doesn't really get going until the afternoon. Busiest on Saturdays.

  • Shopping in Choibalsan


    Choibalsan’s proximity to China means that its market is well stocked. Purchase anything from fresh produce, dried dairy products and a local relish made of spring onion and garlic (great for livening up that mutton!) to saddles, Mongolian hats and boots. Note that the market closes on one day towards the end of each month – the date changes monthly.

  • Top ChoiceShopping in Ulaanbaatar

    Mary & Martha Mongolia

    Fair-trade shop selling handmade traditional handicrafts, felt products, clothing (including men's and children's), toys, jewellery and modern Kazakh wall hangings. Has some innovative little products such as computer bags and mobile-phone cases made with traditional designs. As well as cashmere products, it has yak- and camel-wool products.

  • Shopping in Ölgii

    Otau Shop

    Cosy arts and crafts shop selling Kazakh felt handicrafts (bags, purses, slippers, hats) as well as traditional clothing. Prices start at around T4000. The owners live on-site; ring the bell to get in. Look for the attractive blue-and-white building opposite the theatre.

  • Shopping in Khövsgöl Nuur National Park

    Local Brand

    If you're looking for souvenirs, we recommend this shop, which sells (as the name indicates) locally made handicrafts, as opposed to cheap Chinese knock-offs. It's located in a long building next to a butcher, so you can always get some fresh mutton to go along with your new yak-fur socks.

  • Shopping in Ulaanbaatar

    Cycling World

    If you're looking to embark on a cycling trip around Mongolia then this is your place. It sells Trek mountain bikes, as well as a large range of accessories and GPS navigation equipment. Has plenty of tips for places to go, as well as arranges tours.

  • Shopping in Ulaanbaatar

    Egshiglen Magnai National Musical Instrument Shop

    A great little shop for those interested in buying handmade Mongolian instruments. It sells morin khuur (horse-head fiddles; from T180,000), yattag (zithers) and two-stringed Chinese fiddles, as well as CDs of traditional Mongolian music. All instruments are made instore.

  • Shopping in Ulaanbaatar

    Gobi Cashmere Factory Outlet

    Has slightly lower prices than the cashmere shops in the city centre, although much of it is last year’s stock. Next door is the flagship shop with a full range of items, and regular fashion shows during summer. It’s in the industrial suburbs, so it's best to get a taxi here.

  • Shopping in Tsetserleg

    Art Shop

    This little gallery is owned by artist Batbold, where he sells his quality original paintings, as well as Buddhist and Soviet-era artefacts. He also has a small shop at the Museum of Arkhangai Aimag.

  • Shopping in Ulaanbaatar

    Seven Summits

    Stocks German-made Vaude gear, GPS units, maps, stoves and gas, and travel books and accessories. It also hires outdoor gear, including tents, sleeping bags, gas stoves and inflatable kayaks.

  • Shopping in Ulaanbaatar

    Cashmere House

    Excellent cashmere and wool garments can be purchased here, with all of Mongolia's big brands represented, including Gobi, Goyo, Altai and Blue Sky. It’s opposite the Russian embassy.

  • Shopping in Ulaanbaatar


    Set up by a Mongolian woman, this classy cosmetics store specialises in organic body products and accessories made using local products from sea buckthorn to sheep's tail.

  • Shopping in Ulaanbaatar

    Mongolian Quilting Shop

    Sells handmade quilts produced by low-income families. The money earned here goes to the New Life NGO, which directly supports the women who produce the quilts.

  • Shopping in Ulaanbaatar

    Tsagaan Alt Wool Shop

    This nonprofit store, which sends money directly back to the craftspeople, has all manner of wool products, including toys, clothes and artwork.

  • Shopping in Ulaanbaatar

    Hi-Fi Mega Store

    The definitive spot to pick up local, contemporary music, stocking anything from Mongolian indie bands to Top 40, as well as traditional CDs.

  • Shopping in Ulaanbaatar

    Books in English

    Sells and exchanges used books in English, including fiction, books on Mongolia and guidebooks.

  • Shopping in Ulaanbaatar

    Gobi Cashmere

    This downtown outlet of the iconic brand shows off the latest fashions in cashmere and wool.