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The city itself sprawls north to south; mostly low-slung buildings, paved roads petering out into sandy pathways a few blocks from the main artery. Often bypassed by travellers making a dash to the capital or to the Adrar, its sleepiness is its selling point. North of the centre, the Baie de l'Étoile resembles a mini Banc d'Arugin and a destination for intrepid kitesurfers. Daily life – the call of the muezzin, afternoon football, joggers hugging the coastal road – feels close.

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$4320 Outdoor Activities

4WD trips around Mauritania Deserts and UNESCO World Heritage sites

Get your seat in this rich and fresh tour. After short rest in your hotel 4*, the tour begins by heading to the national park where you will see thousands of birds, go sailing on a traditional boat. Afterwards, moving to Nouadhibou, see the fish market, and thousands of fishermen, then you're taken to the biggest monolith in Africa, Ben Amera, next to which you will spend a quiet, long, dark magical night. The dynamic excursion keeps moving but this time in the direction of Adrar, a region where the fascination of medieval towns lies. Along with the real sense of all sizes and shapes of sand dunes, and heaven-like oases. If you're also a manuscripts enthusiast, you're not going to be disappointed; Chinguetti and Ouadane have exquisite libraries full of human interesting sciences. However, this is the phase where you'll pass by the Eye of the Sahara, Fort Saganne, and prehistoric paintings. From Adrar, Nouakchott is inviting you again but this time you'll go to visit a very colorful fish port, a busy market, splendid museums and mosques. The tour is ten days long, and all is included EXCEPT plane tickets, visa costs, and unlisted meals. You’re though granted to have a seat next to the window of the 4WD car, a good English/Arabic/French speaking guide, and at least one cook serving you and working for the best of experience. We’re camping sometimes, because hotels are not everywhere, but peace and relaxation is everywhere.