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Ķemeri’s park information centre is located in an old barnlike hotel and restaurant called the ‘Funny Mosquito’. Although most of the info is in Latvian, you can rent bikes and sign up for lectures and programs such as bat- and bird-watching. A scenic 600m trail starts at the info centre and circles through a slice of flat plain forest.

The pungent smell of rotten eggs wafts through the air at the national park’s spa resort, also called Ķemeri (pronounced kyeh-meh-ree or tyeh-meh-ree, depending on who you ask), known for its sulphurous springs. Ķemeri’s first mud bath opened in the late 1800s, and until WWII the resort had a widespread reputation as a healing oasis. The area’s spring water is perfectly potable and apparently quite healthy. Try filling your water bottle at the Lizard, a stone sculpture at the mouth of a spring that trickles into the river. Sip your pungent brew while meandering past faded mint-green gazebos and small wrought-iron bridges with romantic names such as Bridge of Sighs or Bridge of Caprices – everything remains exactly as it was during the height of the resort’s popularity in the 1930s.

It’s hard to miss Hotel Ķemeri. Known as the ‘White Ship’, it was built during Latvia’s brief period of independence in the 1930s, and has one of the most impressive facades outside of Rīga. At the moment, only the exterior can be appreciated due to a lack of renovation money. Have a wander across the park and take a look at St Peter-Paul Orthodox Church. Built in 1893, it is the oldest place of worship in Ķemeri and, if you look closely, you’ll notice that this large wooden structure was constructed entirely without nails.

Fish smoking and canning remain traditional occupations in the villages further afield along the coastal road leading north towards Cape Kolka. Nowhere smells fishier than Lapmežciems, overlooking Lake Kaņieris, 3km west of Jūrmala. Sprats are canned in the factory on the right at the village’s eastern entrance. The village market sells freshly smoked eel, sprat, salmon and tuna, as does the market in Ragaciems, 2km north.

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$172.38 Day Trips & Excursions

Full-Day Private Tour to Jurmala, Fisherman Villages and Nature Trails from Riga

We are picking you up from your hotel in Riga and driving straight to resort town of Jurmala. Where we can visit sightseeing tower to have a look at the sea above tops of pine trees. Afterwards walk on the seaside and pedestrian street with many cafeterias and souvenir shops. On the way will observe distinctive wooden architecture of Jurmala and new contemporary designs. Leaving Jurmala down the coast line we'll visit several fisherman villages. One of the families owning fish smokery will be welcoming us to show smokery and sell delicious smoked fishes. If weather is sunny picnic can be arranged or nice local restaurant will be advised.After dinner time it's time to burn some of those calories and have a walk in one of the cleanest places in Latvia the Kemeri National Park. Nature reserve offers two routes on swamp, from 1,7km to 3,7km. Long one includes watch tower and takes about 1,5 hours of easy walk.Tour will include several hikes, please bring your walking shoes. Trip will be routed according to the weather so it pleasant also during winter time. Our drivers will advise best places for food and drinks.Coffee stops and detours can be arranged with driver.

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Day Tour to Kemeri National Park

Kemeri National Park is  a great place for photographers and nature lovers. You can take either the short or long walk on Bog Boardwalk. The long route is around 3,4 km long with an opportunity to climb an observation platform. From the platform you iwill see the whole bog from the above. The short route will be around 1,4 km through the bog. You will see plant of sundew, and a variety of birds – wood sandpipers, white wagtails, tree pipits, and also hear cranes further away. The Great Kemeri Bog Boardwalk has become a popular place with photographers of sunrise and sunset scenes in Latvia, regardless of the season or weather. You can adjust your travel time in special notes when booking, we are flexible and can take you there for a sunrise or sunset as well! After the walk in Kemeri the next stop would be Jurmala. You can check out the main street Joma street with many small shops where locals offer their homemade objects as well as enjoy the time by the sea. This day tour includes transport and driver to Kemeri National Park and Jurmala. Guide is also available for additional cost.

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