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$172.61 Private & Custom Tours

Full-Day Private Tour to Cesis and Sigulda from Riga

We are picking you up from your hotel in Riga and driving straight to Cesis town. Where we will visit Cesis castle build by German crusaders known as the Livonian Brothers of the Sword. They began construction of the castle near the hill fort in 1209. When the castle was enlarged and fortified, it served as the residence for the Teutonic Order's Local Master. We'll also have some time to have a walk in very beautiful central part of Cesis town.Next we're heading to the town of Sigulda. Where we will visit Sigulda Castle built in 1207 as a castellum type fortress, later rebuilt into a convent type building. Originally built eight centuries ago, the castle reopened it’s walls to visitors in 2012 and now encourages everyone to step back in time and enjoy the surroundings that bore witness to many historical events.Next stop is at the Turaida Medieval Castle. The most visited museum in Latvia, which tell the story of events that have occurred during the last 1000 years. Building of the castle was started in 1214 according to directions given by Albert, archibishop of Riga in the place where in former times was located wooden castle of Liv leader Kaupo. “Castellum” type fortress was built and named Fredeland in translation it means “Land of Peace”. This name was not popular and but the local name Turaida survived till nowadays. Perfection of defensive system of the castle continued also in the next centuries – in 14th century was built towershaped southern section, in the beginning of 15th century when fire arms were invented was built semi rounded western tower. Along with formation of fortifications household buildings and living houses were erected in the inner yard of the castle. Small reconstruction work was carried out in 17th century though castle started to loose its strategical meaning. After fire in 1776 it was not reconstructed and in the course of time it was ruined. Since 1976 regular archeological escavations were carried out which were followed by restauration and conservation works as a result castle regained a part of its initial shape. Exhibitions about history of brick castle and Gauja Livs are available in restaured buildings. From the view place of the main tower you can see the unique landscape of picturesque Gauja valley and territory of Turaida Museum Reserve.After the visit of Turaida castle we will heading back to Riga.

$81.13 Private & Custom Tours

Sigulda, Cesis Food and Culture Private Tour

During this tour you will visit the medieval town of Cēsis and enjoy the unique atmosphere of its centuries-old castle in a candlelight tour. Afterwards, you’ll have the chance to enjoy a magnificent view over the Gauja Valley during the cable-tram ride from Turaida Castle, and learn more about traditional culture in The Folk Song hill. Together with a friendly local guide, you will explore the naturally beautiful Gutman’s Cave, one of the oldest tourism objects in the country. You will also see the romantic ruins of Sigulda Castle, which has been a popular meeting place for lovers since the 18th century. As both cities are part of European Gastronomic Region in 2017, you will also be able to try mouth-watering local food which has all the qualities valued highly in the Northern Europe: food is healthy, highly pleasant, beautifully presented and natural as almost everything on the table can be seen just outside the window. At the end of the tour, you will visit a local winery, where you’ll taste delicious Latvia wine made from local fruits and berries.

$80 Transfers & Ground Transport

Tallinn-Riga Sightseeing Tour Bus

Our knowledgeable local guides take a small group, maximum of 8 people, for a fun filled 12 h road trip from Tallinn to Riga. You will learn about the history of Estonia and Latvia and its people by visiting several places with our experienced guides. We’ll take you from small towns and medieval castle ruins to quirky local sights and through the beautiful countryside.Get ready to roam not one but two medieval castles, Viljandi and Cēsis, and discover how they became to be ruined. Learn about the history of Estonia and Latvia in Valga the border town between the two countries. We’ll visit the Gauja National Park where you can hike by the picturesque sand cliffs in Sietiņiezis and take in the sights of the medieval Old Town in Cēsis. Before we reach Riga we’ll stop in Sigulda to climb up the only Bobsleigh Track in the Baltics.In Valga we also stop for a lunch at a local restaurant. Kindly let our guides know if you have any special dietary needs that we should take in account. Location of the lunch is subject to availability and the meal is not included in the price of the tour.

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