Drinking and nightlife in Kyrgyzstan

  • Top ChoiceNightlife in Bishkek

    Save the Ales

    Bishkek's favourite craft-beer bar, where drinking the best beer in town straight from the taps more than makes up for the higher than average prices. On warm evenings, tables spill out from the small indoor seating area and into the yard out the front.

  • Nightlife in Bishkek

    Chemodan Zusmanovicha

    The location in a residential area near Orto-Say Bazaar makes this spot hard to find, but the too-cool ambience and well-crafted mixed drinks at 'Zusmanovich's Suitcase' make it worth the effort. Check their social media pages for details on live music and other performances.

  • Top ChoiceNightlife in Karakol

    Fat Cat Cafe

    Quality coffee and desserts, a menu of Western dishes, speciality beers and even cocktails here are the stuff of whispered longings for travellers in the rural regions of Kyrgyzstan. What they don't always mention is that owner Jamiliya also dedicates part of the cafe's profits to social enterprises around Karakol. They can get busy, but it's worth the wait.

  • Nightlife in Bishkek

    Brewster Craft Beer

    Rock on the radio, footie on the tele, and locally-made craft beer on tap – this little basement bar certainly checks all the boxes. The burgers and sausages are great and the Imperial Stout is excellent, which must be why this place is so popular.

  • Nightlife in Bishkek

    München Pub

    Hidden away on the top floor of a business centre, this German-themed pub's beer (brewed in-house) and burgers make for a good start to a night out, and the 6am closing time makes it a good place for a nightcap, as well.

  • Top ChoiceNightlife in Bishkek

    Just Coffee

    Some of the best coffee in Bishkek, maybe in all of Central Asia. It's small and can get quite crowded, but they can also make coffees for takeaway to drink and any of the nearby city-centre parks.

  • Nightlife in Bishkek

    Uno Coffee

    Coffee is the main focus and the desserts aren't far behind, but a long liquor and cocktail list combine with a lounge vibe to make this something of a chilled nightlife option, as well. The 2nd floor is bright and the street-facing tables are great for people-watching, but also serves as the smoking area.

  • Nightlife in Bishkek

    Tucano Coffee

    The first branch of this popular Moldovan coffee chain in Kyrgyzstan makes up in cheesecake and coffee quality what it lacks in atmosphere and space. It's a decent city-centre option with a good location.

  • Nightlife in Bishkek

    Craft Coffee

    Among the best of Bishkek's coffee offerings, it's all hipster chic and repurposed pallets for seating.

  • Nightlife in Bishkek


    The setting sun pouring through an upper window illuminates a Kyrgyz yurt-crown draped in hops in this spacious two-level beer hall. The bar is built around a gleaming copper brew-vessel whose micro-brewed beers are the main draw. There's a full menu of German and European meals, or several types of sausages to snack on.

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    Staryy Edgar

    Bishkek's most loveable old pub is hidden in a basement beneath the west side of the Russian Drama Theatre. The walls are festooned with old tape-recorders, typewriters, bottles and 20th-century 'antiques', and from around 7pm there's usually a low-key live band playing blues or soft-rock covers. Decent food, too. Gets pretty full but there's summer seating outside in the park.

  • Nightlife in Bishkek

    Booblik Cafe

    Though the ambience feels a bit too forced, the namesake bagels (бублик) are undeniably good. The streetside tables are a hot commodity, but great for people-watching if you can snag one.

  • Nightlife in Bishkek

    Craft Bar

    'Craft' might be a bit of a stretch – most of what's on tap is mass-produced for distribution around Bishkek and Chuy – but there's no doubt that it's cold and tasty beer (100-200som) with an accompanying menu of snacks and shisha. The location also can't be beat, with a terrace space right on the southern edge of Ala-Too Square.

  • Nightlife in Bishkek

    Social Coffee

    Cafe/bar that's especially popular when the gigantic shaded summer terrace is open. The service is slow, so expect to stick around awhile. There's a broad menu of western favourites and an all-day breakfast that's worth considering as well. Best avoided in winter, when even the non-smoking hall inside reeks of cigarettes.

  • Nightlife in Son-Köl

    Nomad's Valley

    Stop by for a chat with affable owner Marsbek and try his international quality espresso and quite respectable ashlyanfu, served in a tiny cafe in the most unlikely of places. It's just off the road in the village of Kurtka, before the southern access route to Son-Köl rejoins the main highway at Ak-Tala.

  • Nightlife in Bishkek

    Hendrick's Place

    More Barcelona than Bishkek, this self-consciously cool cocktail and shisha bar seems out of place in Central Asia, and only time will tell if it catches on with the city's in-crowd. It may not be for the budget-minded, but if you're looking for strong drinks and a lounge-y atmosphere, it's worth stopping in.

  • Nightlife in Bishkek

    Sierra KG

    This buzzing international-style coffee shop roasts its own beans and whips up soups, sandwiches and even Tex-Mex dishes. There's outside seating in summer and a small library of English-language books.

  • Nightlife in Kochkor

    Retro Cafe

    The selection of national foods and hot drinks – most notably a proper espresso – have made this a bit of a traveller hangout in Kochkor. Just inside the entrance, the Nomad Travel tour agency arranges the standard range of horse and hiking tours.

  • Nightlife in Karakol

    Karakol Meeting Point

    Run out of a hipstered-up garage that feels like an extended common space of adjacent Duet Hostel, friendly staff and tasty coffee and smoothies make the experience uncommonly good. There's a limited food menu as well.

  • Nightlife in Bishkek

    No Name Bar

    This small unsigned bar attracts a hip local crowd, and obliging bartenders are happy to try their hand at off-menu cocktails with guidance. The Tex-Mex menu is surprisingly good, and the fried chechyl (smoked cheese) is some of the best in town.