Best hotels and hostels in Kyrgyzstan

  • Top ChoiceLodging in Bishkek

    Asia Mountains

    Hidden between rail tracks and apartment blocks, this delightful 19-room getaway is striking for its gardens and birdsong. Sun-drenched communal spaces include an open kitchen/sitting room with help-yourself hot drinks and a splendid central fireplace. Spacious rooms at the co-owned, similarly priced Asia Mountains-2 might be more comfortable, but the second campus doesn't quite have the atmosphere of the original.

  • Lodging in Alay Valley

    Sary-Oi Yurt-Camp

    Situated on a hilltop overlooking a magnificent mountain panorama, two yurts run by a friendly local family make the perfect base for day hikes to waterfalls, lakes, and along wild river valleys; or as the start point from which to launch into CBT Osh/Alay 's three multiday treks near Gulcha. It's best to reserve in advance through CBT or directly.

  • Top ChoiceLodging in Osh

    Biy Ordo Guesthouse

    Biy Ordo is worth the 10-minute marshrutka ride (122 from Kelechek Bazaar) for the great-value dorms and perfect hostel vibe. Dorms have lockers, and all rooms come with new air-con and en suite bathrooms.Owner Munar and his staff speak fluent English and understand backpacker needs, and at the time of research were planning to launch a second location in the centre.

  • Lodging in Jergez Valley

    Kara-Kyz Yurt-Camp

    Nestled in the narrow mouth of the Ak-Suu Valley and covered in wild flowers in spring, this five-yurt-camp may be one of the best-positioned in the entire country. From camp, Köl-Tör lake is around 6 hours round-trip on foot or the family of owners can arrange horses. The camp is open from May to September, depending on weather conditions.

  • Lodging in Chunkurchak Valley

    Supara Chunkurchak

    Run by the same folks as the Supara restaurant complex in Bishkek, this location has all the same splendid national food and cultural offerings plus magnificent hillside yurts and cabins. There's wonderful walking in the hills just beyond, or the hotel can organise horses.

  • Lodging in Osh

    Biy Ordo Hotel & Hostel

    This newer branch of the popular Biy Ordo Guesthouse has all the same creature comforts with a more convenient city-centre location. Rooms are a touch on the small side, but attention paid to small details like in-room amenities and a cosy common area downstairs more than make up for it.

  • Lodging in Osh

    Orto Asia

    For a little bit of luxury after a long hike or horse trek, this marble-studded hotel north of town is easily the best choice in Osh. Though it's a bit out of the centre, rooms are spacious and comfortable enough that you won't want to leave anyway. Turn off Razzakov onto small Avicenna – it's right at the end.

  • Lodging in Karakol


    Wood-panelled hallways and bright modern rooms make this family property hidden in the southern residential area of Karakol a hit, especially the large family suite with a balcony overlooking the mountains to the southeast of town. English-speaking owner Ahmet is full of energy and enthusiasm.

  • Top ChoiceLodging in Bishkek

    Southside B&B

    Run by the American couple behind Iron Horse Nomads, this comfy B&B's Central Asian styling and on-site sauna are an oasis from the hectic centre of Bishkek.

  • Top ChoiceLodging in Bokonbaevo

    Bel-Tam Yurt-Camp

    Just 200m from the shore of Issyk-Köl, simple yurts with electricity and an on-site restaurant/bar make an excellent place to relax for a few days. Look for the turn-off 5km east of Bokonbaevo.

  • Top ChoiceLodging in Bishkek

    BUGU Hotel

    From the rustic log-cabin style common space to the airy rooms, this boutique hotel gives off a vibe somewhere between 'modern nomad' and 'Scandinavian chic'.

  • Lodging in Ala-Archa Canyon

    Ratsek Hut

    Four to six hours' strenuous hike from the alplager, Ratsek hut has a glorious setting ringed by rocky spires with a view of the glacier from a small ridge just 200m away. Don't expect a hotel, though. There are two large bunk rooms each with 14 beds, the upper room less claustrophobic, and a smaller 6-bed room for 1000som each.

  • Lodging in Jalal-Abad

    Jalal-Abad Health Resort

    Founded as a resort in 1886, the health-giving waters of springs on the hillside above Jalal-Abad here have attracted visitors and patients from across the region for even longer. The modern resort, which dates to the Soviet era, is a throwback experience worth at least a stroll through the massive grounds if not a weekend stay.

  • Lodging in Suusamyr Valley

    Baytur Kymyz Resort

    If you've ever wanted to try the Kyrgyz pastime of drinking kymys (fermented horse milk) all day, this health resort built from repurposed shipping containers is the place to try. There are also more mainstream delights such as a sauna, billiards tables. and table tennis. Dorms don't include showers, so it may be worth springing for the high-end rooms.

  • Lodging in Arslanbob

    CBT Homestays

    The best digs in town are the 18 CBT-affiliated homestays scattered around the village. These aren’t always easy to find or centrally located, so call into the office to check out your options. Each guesthouse is numbered and descriptions are posted on the wall – pick one or let the coordinator choose one for you.

  • Lodging in Karakol

    Jamilya’s B&B

    The mother-and-son team here both speak excellent English, the daughter French; and they offer 10 rooms with spotless bathrooms, hot showers and sit-down toilets. Public spaces include a lounge, dining room, lovely garden and shared balcony looking towards the Karakol River Park just steps away.

  • Top ChoiceLodging in Karakol

    Teskey Guesthouse

    On a quiet, unpaved backstreet, Teskey's great plus is its knowledgeable, ever-obliging, English-speaking host Talaai. The brand-new guesthouse has super views from the top floor over the large garden, though note that all rooms here have shared baths. A 'family horse tour' day trip is offered to a panorama over the lake shore west of Karakol, using Talaai's family's horses.

  • Lodging in Tash Rabat

    Ak-Sai Yurt-Camp

    Easily the cleanest and most comfortable yurt-camp near Tash Rabat, though the 7km between here and the caravanserai make it impractical for those who don't have their own transport. Ask affable boss Yuri for an explanation of the Russian-style banya, which they'll light up in the evening if there's demand from guests.

  • Lodging in Bishkek

    Umai Hotel

    The eight plain, high-ceilinged, en-suite rooms are very fair value, and are set in a walled garden so peaceful that getting anyone to let you in might require making a phone call. English and German are spoken. The narrow access road heads north from Leningrad (Bayalinov) beside number 53 (between Panfilov and Orozbekov), where marshrutka 121 from Soviet will stop.

  • Lodging in Toktogul

    Kagan Guesthouse

    This family-run guesthouse in the centre of town has just seven beds in three shared rooms, but the friendly and accommodating hosts make guests feel at home. Look for the tiny blue 'Information' sign on Israilov on the second block north of the bazaar.