Must see restaurants in Southern Rift Valley

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    Club House

    Farm-to-table sustainable cuisine is more exciting when there are giraffes and hippos to spy on in the distance. The signature eatery at Sanctuary Farm is…

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    Ranch House Bistro

    Opened in 2014, Ranch House Bistro is easily the best of the lakeside eating options. The food is expertly prepared and ranges across pizzas from the clay…

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    Island Camp Restaurant

    A popular weekend activity, if you can call it that, is to charter a boat and hop across to Island Camp's sleek restaurant for lunch. The buffet includes…

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    Camp Carnelley's hip restaurant is popular with NGO workers and other Nairobians at weekends. Grab one of the gorgeous low-slung sofas, or pull up a chair…

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    Hygienic Butchery

    Great name, great place. The Kenyan tradition of nyama choma (barbecued meats) is alive and well here. Sidle up to the counter, try a piece of tender…

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    Kahatia Restaurant

    One of a number of roadside places serving grilled meats (you choose your cut of meat and it's then cooked and delivered to your table) at the Kikopey…

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    Lake Naivasha Country Club

    The country club is a bit of an institution in these parts, and is the place to be seen having lunch. The daily buffet here is very good, served inside…

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    Thirsty Goat

    Even if you're not staying at Roberts Camp, the Thirsty Goat is an institution worth visiting. Sip sundowners, listen to snorting hippos, grab a book from…

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    Acacia Restaurant

    The pick of the nyama choma (grilled meat) places at the Kikopey Nyama Choma Centre 31km north of Naivasha. The dining area is pretty run down, but the…

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    Jolly Dishes

    Jolly by name, jolly by nature (if a little frayed at the edges). This colourful old-fashioned cafe attached to the Silverview Hotel has greasy plates of…

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    Java House

    Located on the ground-floor terrace of Westside Mall, the Nakuru branch of the popular Java House coffee chain is probably the best place to eat in town,…

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    Tamu Tamu

    This local joint has bright-blue walls and long, communal benches. It serves beef dishes, beans, gari (cassava) and chapati, with sides of village gossip…

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    Planet Fries

    This quaint old diner does the usual chicken and choma plates, plus Indian variations. Outside on the pavement terrace, you'll sit on shabby blue parlour…

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    Tuskys Supermarket

    Out in Buffalo Mall where Moi Ave meets the Nakuru–Nairobi road, Tuskys is a well-stocked supermarket; their beef samosas (available from the bakery deli)…

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    Ribs Butchery

    Brightly painted Ribs Butchery does all the usual nyama choma (barbecued meat) options and is the pick of numerous such places along the main road.

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    Smiles Café

    As basic as they come, this little green-and-white treasure offers cholesterol-filled fried breakfasts and hearty stews with a focus on dishes locals love.

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    Jamaa Supermarket

    If you're stocking up on supplies, Jamaa Supermarket on Kenyatta Ave is probably the best stocked in the centre of Naivasha.

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    The best-stocked supermarket in Nakuru.