Shopping in Negril & West Coast

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    Skylark Boutique

    An excellent selection of tasteful, Jamaican-made crafts, including clothes and jewelry designed in Treasure Beach, as well as Blue Mountain coffee, Caribbean art and a large book selection on all things Caribbean.

  • Shopping in Negril

    Kuyaba Arts & Crafts Boutique

    At the Kuyaba hotel, there's a focus on locally created art and other crafts, which makes a refreshing change from the mass-produced tat in most Negril shops.

  • Shopping in Negril

    Times Square Plaza

    A dozen practically identical shops selling elephants from Rajasthan, wooden cats and colorful masks from Bali, Chinese ashtrays, and Jamaican bamboo trinkets. You can be sure of the authenticity of Appleton Rum and Blue Mountain coffee, though. The owner of Sunnyside (shop 10) is honest about the origin of his wares and sells Blue Mountain coffee from several different estates.

  • Shopping in Negril

    Negril Crafts Market

    Just north of Plaza de Negril. Crafts that are locally made are the varnished wooden carvings (you'll see some guys carving), plus some woven hats, baskets and some 'jungle jewelry.' The rest is uninspiring: Chinese factory-made tat, and rip-offs of Haitian art.

  • Shopping in Negril

    Sunshine Village

    Shopping center with several shops selling identical trinkets – mostly Chinese-made, with the exception of some Jamaican wood carvings.