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Full-day Alghero Tour with Wine Tastings and Lunch

One of Sardinia's most beautiful medieval cities, Alghero is the main resort in the northwest. The town hasn't given up its unique character and it retains a proud and independent spirit. Its animated historic centre is a terrific place to hang out, and with so many excellent restaurants and bars, it makes an ideal base for exploring the beaches and beauty spots of the nearby Riviera del Corallo.The main focus of attention is the picturesque centro storico (town centre), one of the best preserved in Sardinia. Enclosed by robust, honey-coloured seawalls, this is a tightly knit enclave of shady cobbled lanes, Gothic palazzi and cafe-lined piazzas. You will discover its beauties with your local expert guide strolling across the city centre.After the walking tour in Alghero, you will proceed visiting the Marine Protected Area of Capo Caccia for a panoramic tour of the coast. You will then visit a famous archaelogical site in the area where an ancient "Nuraghe" is located.After that you will visit a local winery and an olive oil producer, tasting their products and learning about ancient production methods, still used today.You will then move to an organic farmhouse for a full typical lunch during which you will have the chance to taste traditional Sardinian recipes combined with local wines.

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Cagliari: Alghero full day Tour Experience

Departing from Cagliari, drive for 2.5-hours in a minivan through the amazing Sardinian countryside towards the northwest of the island.Explore one of Sardinia's most beautiful medieval cities on a tour of Alghero, the island's main resort town in the northwest. Discover its unique character and proud, independent spirit.The historic center is an animated place to hang out, with many excellent restaurants and bars. It's an ideal base for exploring the beaches and beauty spots of the nearby Riviera del Corallo. The main focus of attention will be the picturesque Centro Storico, one of the best-preserved in Sardinia. Enclosed by robust, honey-colored sea walls, it's a tightly knit enclave of shady, cobbled lanes, Gothic palazzi (palaces) and piazzas lined with cafes. Discover these with an expert local guide on a stroll through the city center.Discovering Capo Caccia and the Neptune Caves, one of the most fascinating natural jewels in the entire Mediterranean basin, the grotto is a veritable geological wonder that attracts over 150,000 visitors per year. It is accessible by sea leaving the tourist port every day, or on foot via Escala del Cabirol (Billy Goat Stairs), a set of 660 steps cut into the cliff side. The tour begins at the great room holding the transparent waters of the Lago Lamarmora (Lake Lamarmora), one of the largest saltwater lakes in all of Europe. It is there that Acquasantiera stands (The Baptismal Font), a monumental stalagmite that is approximately 2 meters high; its peaks have formed vats, where rainwater collects, thereby forming a precious drinking fountain for birds nesting in the Capo Caccia area.* please be aware that the caves and the boat tours are subject to weather conditions and may be not available at the management's discretion without any further notice.* it's also available the boat tour from Alghero Port to Neptune Caves (optional).Visit a famous archaeological site where a nuraghe (a type of ancient megalithic edifice found in Sardinia) and necropolis are located.

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Dolphin Watching from the Port of Alghero

Exciting Boat trip from the Touristic port of Alghero. The Motorships offer dolphin watching excursions in the Riviera del Corallo every day. In Search of the Dolphins is a pleasant excursion into the Gulf of Alghero lasting 1 hour and a half which will allow you to visit the fish farm, the old walls with its towers, the island of La Maddalenetta, the pine forest and its beaches. The species of dolphins that frequent the sea of the Riviera is called the Stenella, which is attracted by the abundance of fish, they approach the coast in a great number. Dolphins that belong to this species are particularly common in the Mediterranean. They are very playful, sociable and able to perform jumps even up to 7 meters high. These characteristics make this dolphin a mammal very dear to man. Its keen intelligence and communication skills make him a beloved animal, very well known since ancient time. If it is easy for dolphins to approach small boats like ours, they become shy in the presence of bigger ones. They usually move in herds that can even reach 500 units so that more than one can often be seen at the same time.

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