Best hotels and hostels in Thousand Islands

  • Lodging in Thousand Islands

    Tiger Islands Village & Eco Resort

    A couple of glittering tropical dots in the ocean host this delightful, upmarket eco-resort. This beachside retreat uses recycled rainwater, solar panels and nature-friendly products. It may not be cheap, but the experience and location are special, and there is good snorkelling offshore.

  • Lodging in Thousand Islands

    Pulau Bidadari Resort

    The closest of the resorts to Jakarta and handy as a base for visiting other nearby islands such as Pulau Kahyangan, Pulau Kelor (which has the ruins of an old Dutch fort) or Pulau Onrust (where the remains of an 18th-century shipyard can be explored). Otherwise, the beaches are filthy and the simple cottages run-down.