Must-see attractions in Baliem Valley

  • D
    Danau Habbema

    This lovely lake, 30km west of Wamena as the crow flies, sits amid alpine grasslands at 3400m altitude, with dramatic, snow-capped mountains in view …

  • W
    Wimontok Mabel Mummy

    The celebrated mummy is kept at the tiny settlement of Sumpaima, 300m north of Jiwika along the main road from the main village entrance (look for the…

  • A
    Air Garam

    At Iluwe, 1½ hours up a steep path from Jiwika, is Air Garam, a group of saltwater wells. Villagers soak sections of banana trunk in the water, then dry…

  • G
    Gua Wikuda

    In Wosilimo, a 45-minute drive northwest from Wamena, Gua Wikuda is said to be several kilometres long, with an underground river that reaches Danau…

  • W
    Werapak Elosak Mummy

    About 8km from Wamena, nondescript Aikima is famous for its Werapak Elosak mummy, the (supposedly) 300-year-old corpse of a great chief, which was…

  • G
    Gua Kotilola

    The road north from Jiwika is flanked by rocky hills with several caves. Gua Kotilola is a sizeable cavern up a short, pretty path behind a Dani compound,…

  • A
    Alongga Huby Mummy

    The 280-year-old Alongga Huby mummy can be viewed in Araboda; viewings cost around 80,000Rp (plus another 50,000Rp to the holder).

  • P

    Pyramid is a graceful mission village named after the shape of a nearby hill.