Entertainment in Java

  • Top ChoiceEntertainment in Prambanan

    Ramayana Ballet

    Held at the outdoor theatre just west of the main Prambanan temple complex, the famous Ramayana Ballet is Java’s most spectacular dance-drama troupe. The story of Rama and Sita takes place three nights a week; from May to October it is performed on the open-air stage (weather permitting), while other times it's held indoors.

  • Entertainment in South Jakarta


    Nautilus is a bold, classic European-versus-Asian-bling drinking lounge at the Four Seasons hotel. Upon entering, you're drawn to the striking mural of the historic Sunda Kelapa port behind the bar. There's live music (ranging from singers to jazz musicians, soul musicians and pianists) between 6pm and 9pm Tuesday to Saturday.

  • Top ChoiceEntertainment in Solo

    Sriwedari Theatre

    The theatre in this vacant plot (formerly an amusement park now undergoing redevelopment) is the unlikely venue of one of the best shows in Java! Traditional dance performances by Solo's esteemed and long-running wayang orang (masked dance-drama) troupe involve hundreds of magnificently costumed participants and a full gamelan orchestra. Performances are given several times per week to sadly dwindling audiences.

  • Entertainment in South Jakarta

    Kinosaurus Jakarta

    Walk through the Aksara bookshop, then rub shoulders with Jakarta's artistic community at this hidden cinema, which hosts independent short and fringe films from around Indonesia and the world. Most are either in English or have English subtitles, but there are exceptions. Check the website for details of upcoming movies.

  • Entertainment in Cikini & Menteng

    CGV Grand Indonesia

    If you've never had a VIP cinema experience, this is the place to do it. Gold class has a premium lounge, reclining chairs and waiter service (you can buy drinks and snacks from your chair), while velvet class has actual beds, which fit two people. The complex also has virtual-reality headset booths and regular screens.

  • Entertainment in Cikini & Menteng

    Taman Ismail Marzuki

    Jakarta's premier cultural centre has a great selection of cinemas, theatres and exhibition spaces. Performances (such as Sundanese dance and gamelan music events) are always high quality and the complex has a cafeteria too. Check the website for upcoming events.

  • Entertainment in Malang

    Taman Rekreasi Senaputra

    Malang’s cultural and recreational park has a hectically busy swimming pool and children’s playground and some quirky events. Kuda lumping (horse trance) dances (7000Rp) are performed every Sunday morning at 10am.

  • Top ChoiceEntertainment in Bandung

    ASTI Bandung

    In the southern part of the city about 3km from the centre, this is a school for traditional Sundanese arts – music, dancing and pencak silat (martial arts). There are frequent good performances, some of which are held in a breezy outdoor setting.

  • Entertainment in Cikini & Menteng

    T-Rex Family Karaoke

    Despite the name, this is not a particularly family friendly place. Although kids are welcome, it can get pretty boozy. The dozens of private karaoke rooms range in size (accommodating four to 50 people). You can order a selection of alcoholic drinks and food via waiter service. Songs range from western R&B and hip hop to Chinese and K-pop hits.

  • Entertainment in Jakarta

    Rossi Musik

    Those wanting to tap into Jakarta's underground music scene can head to this grungy venue which hosts local punk, metal, indie and hip hop gigs most weekends. There's also a cool record store and rooftop bar here.

  • Entertainment in South Jakarta

    Gelora Bung Karno Stadium

    Indonesia's largest stadium was completed in 1962. Since then it's had a few rebuildings and is presently used for football matches – especially by visiting European teams – and performances by popular groups before huge crowds. Its capacity was used for the 2018 Asian Games.

  • Entertainment in Yogyakarta

    Asmara Art & Coffee Shop

    It calls itself an art and coffee shop, but this split-level grungy venue is more like a restaurant and bar. Frequent live bands play here from 9pm. Regulars include a really good reggae band on Thursday, and there's a fun, mixed crowd every night. Locals call it 'Ascos'.

  • Entertainment in Yogyakarta

    K Meals

    A fairly standard pub, but worth dropping in for the live music. Bands play from 8pm and feature acoustic music on Mondays, the Top 40 on Tuesdays, classic rock on Wednesdays, the blues on Thursdays, and reggae on Fridays and Saturdays.

  • Entertainment in Yogyakarta

    Ramayana Ballet Purawisata

    Nightly traditional dance performances of the Ramayana at 8pm, which go on for around 1½ hours. You can dine here and watch the show (600,000Rp). To watch the show without dinner, if booked a month in advance, costs 220,000Rp.

  • Entertainment in Sumenep

    Bull Races

    Sumenep is a centre for champion bull breeding, and on most Saturday mornings bull races can be seen at the Giling stadium.

  • Entertainment in Cikini & Menteng

    Metropole XXI

    Housed in a historic theatre (the oldest in Jakarta), this plush cinema with gold trim is worth a visit. It shows Western movies in English. There's a restaurant, coffee shop and snack bar.

  • Entertainment in Yogyakarta

    Sono-Budoyo Museum

    Popular two-hour performances held most nights; the first half-hour involves the reading of the story in Javanese, so most travellers skip this and arrive later.

  • Entertainment in South Jakarta

    Motion Blue

    Inside the swanky Fairmont hotel, this dark and cavernous venue hosts live jazz, pop, funk, world music, classical and more on a regular basis. You can order pizza, pasta and Indonesian dishes (from 85,000Rp to 395,000Rp). There are two impressive glowing chandeliers in the dining room.

  • Entertainment in Semarang

    TBRS Cultural Centre

    For traditional entertainment, this leafy park (a former zoo) holds wayang orang theatre performances every Saturday from 7pm to midnight, and wayang kulit (shadow-puppet play) most Thursdays. It's worth checking the latest schedule at the tourist office.

  • Entertainment in Jakarta

    Aula Simfonia Jakarta

    A huge and grand concert hall in a slightly removed location, this private facility is the work of Stephen Tong, a Chinese-American evangelist. The venue seats 1200 people and hosts regular classical musicians, international acts, touring choirs and other vocal groups.