Must-see entertainment in Central Java

  • Ramayana Ballet

    Central Java

    Held at the outdoor theatre just west of the main Prambanan temple complex, the famous Ramayana Ballet is Java’s most spectacular dance-drama troupe. The…

  • Sriwedari Theatre


    The theatre in this vacant plot (formerly an amusement park now undergoing redevelopment) is the unlikely venue of one of the best shows in Java!…

  • Asmara Art & Coffee Shop


    It calls itself an art and coffee shop, but this split-level grungy venue is more like a restaurant and bar. Frequent live bands play here from 9pm…

  • K Meals


    A fairly standard pub, but worth dropping in for the live music. Bands play from 8pm and feature acoustic music on Mondays, the Top 40 on Tuesdays,…

  • Ramayana Ballet Purawisata


    Nightly traditional dance performances of the Ramayana at 8pm, which go on for around 1½ hours. You can dine here and watch the show (600,000Rp). To watch…

  • Sono-Budoyo Museum


    Popular two-hour performances held most nights; the first half-hour involves the reading of the story in Javanese, so most travellers skip this and arrive…

  • TBRS Cultural Centre


    For traditional entertainment, this leafy park (a former zoo) holds wayang orang theatre performances every Saturday from 7pm to midnight, and wayang…

  • Taman Budaya Surakarta


    This cultural centre hosts all-night wayang kulit (shadow-puppet) performances; private dance lessons are also available.

  • Lucifer


    An intimate bar and one of the city’s key live-music venues. There are bands most nights from 9pm.