Must-see nightlife in Kashmir & Ladakh

  • Lala’s Art Cafe


    Entered beside a 2000-year-old Dhyani Buddha stela, this tiny, traditional temple-like house was saved from demolition and immaculately restored in 2006…

  • Ja Khang


    Excellent coffee from a Faema machine served in an uncluttered pine interior that has a traditional Ladakhi-style seating area, simultaneously balancing…

  • Old Town Cafe


    Hidden in the shadows of Leh Palace, the historic Lonpo House has a 17th-century kitchen that makes a quiet getaway to read and unwind. Currently only…

  • Polo Bar

    Kashmir & Ladakh

    This classy hotel bar features framed riding crops, saddles and hunting prints. Try a refreshing 'Himalayan Breeze' cocktail; vodka, aam panaa (mango pulp…

  • Lehchen


    Leh's first decent cocktail bar also does very good tandoori meals (evenings only) and some semigourmet European meals, including lamb strips with potato…

  • Dal Bar


    Even if you're not staying at the indulgent Lalit Grand Palace Hotel, consider ordering a drink at its little bar and sipping it on the hotel’s glorious…

  • Brazil Café


    Stunning views of Leh Palace rising above the Jamia Masjid complement a selection of juices, great coffees (some from Brazilian beans) and cakes.

  • Cafe de Leh


    Loud Indian pop rocks this urban-style coffee shop, layered over three floors. Serves breakfast sets, pancakes and sandwiches.

  • Saqi Bar

    Kashmir & Ladakh

    In the J&KTDC-run residency building, this overwhelmingly male drinkers' retreat is either authentically historical or dark and dingy, depending on your…

  • Sangan Bar

    Nubra Valley

    Nubra's only drinking hole is an unmarked collection of cabanas hidden discreetly behind unmarked metal gates, next door to the Sten-Del Hotel access lane…

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