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The icebergs calve from Breiðamerkurjökull, an offshoot of Vatnajökull, crashing down into the water and drifting towards the Atlantic Ocean. They can spend up to five years floating in the 25-sq-km-plus, 250m-deep lagoon, melting, refreezing and occasionally toppling over with a mighty splash, startling the birds. They then move on via Jökulsá, Iceland’s shortest river, out to sea.

Although it looks as though it’s been here since the last ice age, the lagoon is only about 80 years old. Until the mid-1930s Breiðamerkurjökull reached the Ring Road; it’s now retreating rapidly (up to a staggering 500m per year), and the lagoon is consequently growing.

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Iceland Golden Circle Waterfall, Glacier 3-Day from Reykjavik

ItineraryDay 1: Snæfellsnes PeninsulaPass By: Reykjavík City HallThis day is all about exploring the wonders of the magical Snaefellsnes Peninsula. Your first day start with a morning Reykjavik pick up before you make your way to the stunning peninsula of Snaefellsnes that holds many of the island’s most breahtaking sites. Stop At: Ytri Tunga Beach, Arnarstapi, West RegionFirst up is the black beach by Ytri Tunga farm, an excellent spot for seal spotting. After strolling along the black sandy beach you will make your way to the charming village of Arnarstapi where you will stop to have lunch at own expense. Duration: 1 hourStop At: Cave Vatnshellir, Snaefellsbaer, West RegionAfter your lunch break you will have the opportunity to join an optional lava cave exploration at the breathtaking Vatnshellir Cave. Desend into a magical underworld of the cave and admire the handy work of our very own mother nature. For those that do not want to take this option there will be an easy walk around the area of Arnarstapi accompanied by your guide. Duration: 1 hourStop At: Djupalonssandur Beach, Hellnar, West RegionNext highlight of the day is Djúpalónssandur. This magical place offers fantastic views of the Atlantic Sea. Duration: 30 minutesStop At: Kirkjufell Mountain, Grundarfjorour, West RegionIn the charming town of Grundarfjordur lies the photogenic Mt. Kirkjufell, every photographer's favorite! Make sure to bring your camera along to snap some memories to bring back home to your loved ones. Duration: 30 minutesStop At: Berserkjahraun, Snaefellsbaer, West RegionThe lave field of Berserkjahraun is the last attraction of the day before you start making your way back to Reykjavik. Duration: 30 minutesPass By: Reykjavík City HallAfter a full day of exploring the wonders of Snaefellsnes Peninsula your guide will drop you off a your original departure point in Reykjavik. No meals included on this day.No accommodation included on this day.Day 2: Golden Circle & Secret Lagoon Pass By: Reykjavík City HallYour Golden Circle adventure starts with a morning Reykjavik pick up. Accompanied by your guide, set off early for your day of exploring the Golden Circle, the popular Icelandic tour route home to three of the most known sights Iceland has to offer: Thingvellir National Park, Geysir Hot Spring Area and Gullfoss Waterfall. Stop At: Thingvellir National Park, Thingvellir, South RegionFirst up is Thingvellir National Park. A UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here is where geology and history come together. Walk between the rift valley of the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates and learn all about Althingi before continuing to Geysir hot spring area. Duration: 40 minutesStop At: Geysir Hot Springs, Geysir, South RegionNext is Geysir Hot Spring Area. Here you will get the chance to experience the site of mighty Strokkur geyser spouting boiling water up in the air. Duration: 30 minutesStop At: Gullfoss, Blaskogabyggd, South RegionLast but certainly not least is the stunning waterfall of Gullfoss. One of Iceland's most visited attraction and that for a good reason. Drink in Gullfoss's beauty before you make your way to the Secret Lagoon for some relaxation. Duration: 1 hourStop At: Secret Lagoon - Gamla Laugin, Fludir, South RegionBefore you return back to Reykjavik you will visit the Secret Lagoon for some relaxation in the natural hot pool. Duration: 1 hourPass By: Reykjavík City HallYour day ends with a Reykjavik drop off. No meals included on this day.No accommodation included on this day.Day 3: South Coast, Jokulsarlon & Diamond BeachPass By: Reykjavík City HallAfter a morning Reykjavik pick up you will head towards to phenomenal South Coast of Iceland that holds many of Iceland's top attractions. Stop At: Seljalandsfoss, South RegionFirst up is Seljalandsfoss, the unique waterfall that you can actually walk behind and enjoy from both sides! Duration: 30 minutesStop At: Skogafoss, Skogar, South RegionNext up is the neighbouring waterfall of mighty Skogafoss. Duration: 30 minutesStop At: Wool Gallery Vik i Myrdal, Vik, South RegionContinuing your journey further south you will reach the charming village of Vik where you will have lunch (own expense). Duration: 1 hourStop At: Glacier Lagoon, Jokulsarlon, East RegionNow its time for today's highlight, Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon. Admire the true beauty of this stunning lagoon with its floating ice bergs and dramatic setting. Jokulsarlon is a location commonly featured in Hollywood movies. You might have seen it in films such as James Bond, Tomb Raider and Batman Begins. Duration: 40 minutesStop At: Diamond Beach, Jokulsarlon, East RegionNext to the lagoon you will find the Diamond Beach where ice bergs take on the formations of diamonds in the black sand of the beach. Duration: 30 minutesStop At: Skaftafell National Park, Vatnajokull National Park, East RegionIn Skaftafell National Park you will enjoy a nice meal in a beautiful setting. Skaftafell lies just under Europe's biggest glacier Vatnajokull. Duration: 40 minutesStop At: Reynisfjara Beach, Vik, South RegionLast but certainly not least is the famous black sand beach of Reynisfjara. See the basalt columns peaking up from the Atlantic sea as you stroll along the black sandy beach. Duration: 40 minutesPass By: Reykjavík City HallYour South Coast tour ends with a Reykjavik drop off. No meals included on this day.No accommodation included on this day.

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Blue Ice Cave, Jokulsarlon, Black Beach 2-Day Tour

On the first day you will depart from Reykjavík. You will drive along Route 1 passing through small towns and enjoying the beauty of the Icelandic countryside. The first stop will be at the famous waterfall Seljalandsfoss, which is located beneath the Eyjafjallajokull volcano. Remember to ask your tour guide all about the colossal eruption back in 2010. Close by is the beautiful but less known waterfall Gljufrabui.Next up is the stunning Skogafoss, a 60 meter drop of natural raw power that must be seen to be believed. You will then have the additional pleasure of visiting the secret waterfalls of Kvernufoss and Írafoss.Then it is on to Reynisfjara, a black sand beach nestling under Mt. Reynisfjall. It is the seasonal home to numerous puffins that dive from its cliffs out to sea. Black basalt has been shaped into amazing different formations, most notably the famous Reynisdrangar. At the end of the day, your accommodation awaits in Seljaland, a lovely country guesthouse located in a beautiful spot close to Seljalandsfoss. On the way there and during the night, we will look out for the Northern Lights, if conditions are favorable to see them.On day two, you set off in the morning for a totally unique experience. A visit to the natural stunning Blue Ice cave will be the highlight of the day. After a drive through the lovely village of Vik, you stop at the Skaftafell national park where the amazing views will take your breath away! You then continue to the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon. This famous lagoon is filled with huge chunks of ice that have cracked off Breiðamerkurjökull glacier and float slowly out to sea. Some icebergs wash on shore, lying on the vivid black sand like diamonds on satin and from there, your Ice cave adventure will begin. The ice caves only form in the winter when glacial water freezes to create this unique natural phenomenon. Each season, the local glacier experts find the best caves to visit in an enjoyable and safe way. From the glacier lagoon, they drive you through the best of Icelandic highlands in a special Super Jeep to the ice cave. There you will have about an hour to explore and enjoy the magical blue caves. Please do not forget to bring your camera! After this unforgettable adventure, you drive back toward the Jokulsarlon where you join the bus again to head back to Reykjavik. On the way back, you will of course be able to enjoy the beautiful nature of the South Coast and to make a quick stop in Vik village for some refreshments, while keeping an eye out for the Northern lights if conditions are right.

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Ice Cave Adventure from Hali

In this tour you will experience a unique ice cave in the wonders of Vatnajökull glacier, Europe's largest ice cap. The tour is intended for those who want to visit an ice cave, get great photo opportunities and an unforgettable experience. The tour can take between 2,5 – 5 hours. The meeting point is at Hali Country Hotel, 13 km east of Jökulsárlón. The tour, guided by a local guide, will take you through the region’s history from settlement until today.Each autumn, we go for an ice cave hunt to use for adventures during the coming winter. Ice caves are formed by Mother Nature and therefore weather dependent. Some caves have to have temperature below zero, or no rainy days before our visit.In this tour we visit one ice cave and we always choose the best cave available according to safety and weather condition. This will affect both driving and walking time of the tour. Driving to the location can take 25-45 minutes and the walk to the ice cave can take from 5 to 60 minutes. You should have in mind that the walking is always in the pure Icelandic nature on gravel and rough terrain.

$176.97 Outdoor Activities

Crystal Blue Ice Cave - From Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

Come on a Super Jeep to witness one of the worlds rarest natural phenomenon: a blue Ice Cave. A fantastic winter experience in Vatnajökull national park in Southern Iceland departing from Jökulsárlón, the glacier lagoon. This stunning phenomenon is a must see for anyone visiting Iceland during wintertime and one of Iceland's most famous tours.The tour starts at the famous Jökulsárlón - Glacier Lagoon. There you will jump on a Super Jeep that will take you up to the glacier. From there you will be able to walk inside one of the amazing Blue Ice Caves. Standing inside an ancient glacier and witnessing the blue ice all around you is a truly unique experience.

$474.99 Multi-day & Extended Tours

2-Day South Iceland from Reykjavik including Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon

Day OneAfter a morning Reykjavk pick up, you’ll head out of the city towards your first stop, Seljalandsfoss waterfall. Seljalandsfoss is better known for the fact that you can walk behind the magnificent cascade offering you the opportunity to enjoy this stunning waterfall from both sides. Next on the agenda is Skogafoss waterfall, followed by the black sand beach of Reynisfjara with its basalt columns and famous Reynisdrangar pillars. Skogafoss is one of the biggest waterfalls in Iceland, located just of road no. 1 offering breathtaking views. Feel the true power of mother nature as you walk up to the magnificent fall before enjoying all that the unique black sand beach of Reynisfjara has to offer. After having a stroll along the shore of Reynisfjara beach you will follow your guide to your accommodation for the night. For the remainder of the journey to your accommodation, you’ll travel through immense lava fields covered with green moss and surrounded by glaciers and mountains.Day Two Your second day starts with a visit to the stunning glacier lagoon of Jokulsarlon. At Jokulsarlon, you’ll have the chance to join an amphibian boat tour during the summer for a small fee, at other times you will be able to explore the environment on your own before we make our way to Europe's largest glacier for a glacier hiking adventure. Admire the magical ice bergs as they float around the lagoon creating the perfect photo spot. Upon arrival to Skaftafell National Park you will meet your certified glacier guide. Before your glacier adventure the guide will provide you with a safety briefing and ensure you know how to use the glacier hiking gear provided. Now there is nothing left but to approach the mighty glacier where you will spend around an hour on the ice, encountering crevasses, ice falls and the ancient blue ice. After the glacier hike, set off on your return journey to Reykjavik where your 2 day south coast adventure tour concludes. 

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Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon Hovercraft Sightseeing Tour

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: The Thorbergur center, Hofn, East RegionMeeting point. There is free parking and the Þórbergssetur Restaurant has an all-day menuDuration: 20 minutesPass By: Vatnajokull Glacier, Vatnajokull National Park, East RegionWe drive into the Vatnajökull National Park with a Super jeep , going off the main road taking gravel track closer to the Vatnajökull Glacier. Stop At: Glacier Lagoon, Jokulsarlon, East RegionHover on the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon around the winter blue icebergs and along the glacier away from all crowds. Duration: 1 hour

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