Drinking and nightlife in Kastellorizo

  • Nightlife in Kastellorizo Village

    Faros Bar

    Occupying an enviable location in the former lighthouse, beyond the ferry jetty and beside the mosque, this bar offers a wonderful opportunity to swim in turquoise shallows before taking breakfast and drinking in wide-screen views of Turkey. It even has its own quayside loungers. Salads and snacks, plus cocktails, are the go here.

  • Nightlife in Kastellorizo Village

    Stratos Cafe

    This lively wharf cafe, swimming in cool tunes, has faux industrial piping, exposed stone walls and a handsome wooden bar where they make great (if pricey) coffees and cocktails. Popular with a young crowd, it's a stylish spot for a day-time drink but is heaving come evening.