Must-see attractions in Central Greece

  • T
    Theopetra Cave

    Theopetra Cave, 7km southeast of Kalambaka, has been closed to visitors since 2016 due to the fear of landslides. Its first human occupation has been…

  • E
    Elleniko Museum

    Dedicated to Rigas Feraios, a martyr of the Independence campaign, this humble museum once held a concealed classroom where a lone priest taught children…

  • A

    Larissa’s lone hill, a short walk northeast of the modern centre, beyond the ancient theatre, was home to the city’s original acropolis. It held a Stone…

  • O
    Olive Museum of Pelion

    Set in an old stone mansion, very near Ano Gatzea’s station on the To Trenaki train line, this inviting little spot is dedicated to the olive and its oil…

  • M
    Museum of Greek Revolution

    The former home of Dimitrios Panourgias, a hero of the 19th-century struggle for Greek independence, opened in 2019 as a museum of the revolution. In the…

  • C
    Church of Agios Nikolaos

    Even if it’s just for the views, it’s well worth the short climb up the steps from opposite Hotel Tholos to reach the Byzantine-style stone church of…

  • O
    Old Radio Museum

    If you’re one of those people who think nostalgia isn’t what it used to be, turn your dial to this spot. A celebration of one collector’s pre-digital love…

  • F
    Fethiye Mosque

    The stunning Fethiye (‘Conquest’) Mosque, on the waterfront near the eastern side of the port, was built in 1499, shortly after the Ottoman Sultan Beyazid…

  • M
    Meteora Geological History Museum

    Across from Kastraki’s village church, this simple museum tells the story of the Meteora, from the very beginning of the universe. Panel displays explain…

  • D
    Diexodos Museum of Literature & Art

    A local lawyer restored this beautiful 19th-century mansion as a labour of love. The gallery within displays paintings and historical artefacts, and hosts…

  • L
    Library of Zagora

    Starting with just 48 schoolbooks in 1762, the fascinating Library of Zagora now holds one of the largest collections of rare books and manuscripts in…

  • A
    Arahova Folklore Museum

    Housed in Arahova’s stately former town hall, on the main road immediately above the clock tower, this small museum holds some lovely old photos and…

  • A
    Agios Andonios

    This striking cave chapel, set high on the eastern flank of the Pixari rock face and recognisable by its array of coloured scarves, is visible from the…

  • M
    Museum of Milies

    The quaint Milies Museum exhibits local crafts and costumes, with friendly staff on hand to explain the history of the area. Call ahead to check current…

  • C
    Church of Agios Nikolaos

    Atop the hill between the two harbours, the Church of Agios Nikolaos holds an especially fine carved-wood iconostasis.

  • S
    Sanctuary of Asclepius

    A grassy fenced-off enclosure, 200m west of Plateia Iroon Polytechniou towards the fortress, is stubbled with the ruins of what’s said to be the ancient…

  • L
    Library of Milies

    Ask in Milies’ library, above the village square, to see their displays of antiquarian books, printed between 1498 and 1899.