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Bremen & the East Frisian Coast

Heading towards the northwestern edges of the country you'll find Bremen, an outward-looking, cultural and industrial capital of its own city-state enclave and a charming town that rewards urban exploration – it's a highlight of any visit to the region. Its port city Bremerhaven, further up the River Weser, offers harbourside history museums and wonderful seafood.

Other Lower Saxony towns of interest here include Worpswede, a century-old artists colony on the moors; Oldenburg and Jever, historic cities with scenic castles and old town centres; and friendly little Emden, near the Dutch border and gateway to the northern coast. If you like tidal flats, birdlife and blustery bike rides by the sea, you'll especially enjoy visiting any of the seven East Frisian Islands, which are ideally suited to slowing down the pace and immersing yourself in nature.

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