Must-see attractions in Germany

  • Schott Glas Museum

    Thuringian Forest & the Saale Valley

    An interactive multimedia exhibition on the history, production and technology of glass, in the house where scientist and entrepreneur Otto Schott (1851…

  • US Embassy

    Historic Mitte

    This fortress-like US Embassy opened in 2008 and was designed by the California-based architectural firm of Moore Ruble Yudell. It is not open to the…

  • Bethlehemskirche


    This little church has roots in the 15th century but owes its current country-style looks to a restoration in 1939–41. The austere interior has excellent…

  • Grenzwachturm Schlesischer Busch


    East German border guards, machine guns at the ready, used to keep an eye on the Berlin Wall and the infamous ‘death strip’ from this square concrete…

  • Gedenkort Weisse Kreuze

    Historic Mitte

    The seven white crosses on the southern Spree bank behind the Reichstag were put there in 1971 by a group of West Germans in memory of the East Germans…

  • Russian Embassy

    Historic Mitte

    This hulking behemoth is a fine example of Stalinist Zuckerbäckerstil (wedding-cake style) architecture, but a tall wall allows only glimpses of the…

  • Mühle am Wall

    Bremen City

    The city’s typical Dutch windmill adds a rural flavour to the parkland tracing the part of town where Bremen’s city fortifications once were. It houses a…

  • Leibnizhaus


    The Renaissance facade of the Leibnizhaus is a reconstruction but the house was once the home of mathematician and philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz …

  • Altes Rathaus


    Much of it is a postwar fake, but the Altes Rathaus, begun in 1455, still has some original elements. Today it houses offices and a small restaurant.

  • Waterloo Memorial


    This 46.3m-high column commemorates the victory of German, British and Prussian forces over Napoleon in the Battle of Waterloo in June 1815.

  • Spielzeugmuseum


    Spielzeugmuseum, in the south tower of the Altes Rathaus (1474), has a huge collection of toys, Barbie dolls and teddy bears.

  • Mittelalterliche Synagoge

    Fairy-Tale Road

    Beneath this giant glass cube lie the excavated and illuminated remains of a 13th- and 14th-century synagogue.

  • Palais Populaire

    Historic Mitte

    Contemporary art, culture and sports activities are the focus of this gallery sponsored by Deutsche Bank and set within the updated rooms of a rococo…

  • Lighthouse

    East Frisian Islands

    If you're feeling active, you can climb the 161 steps of Wangerooge's 39m-tall lighthouse, which dates from 1855. A small museum on site tells the history…

  • Borkumriff

    East Frisian Islands

    This decommissioned lightship-turned-museum is anchored at Borkum and has an exhibition on the Wadden Sea National Park. Tours are available Tuesday to…

  • Heimatmuseum

    East Frisian Islands

    To learn about the whaling era and other stages in the life of Borkum, visit this museum near the Old Lighthouse. Don't miss the giant sperm whale…

  • Water Tower

    East Frisian Islands

    The symbol of Langeoog has a ground-floor exhibition on drinking water and an observation deck 33m above sea level upstairs. Entrance is free but…

  • Nationalpark Haus-Gezeitenhaus

    East Frisian Islands

    If you just can't stand lying on the pristine white sand a moment longer, head here to this little exhibition on wildlife and the Wattenmeer (Wadden Sea).

  • Juister Küstenmuseum

    East Frisian Islands

    This little museum has exhibits on life on Juist, covering the island's geology, flora and fauna, and human history.

  • Schiffahrtsmuseum

    East Frisian Islands

    Nautical tradition is showcased in this maritime museum, where you can also view a sea rescue ship.

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