Must-see attractions in Germany

  • St Andreaskirche

    Central Germany

    Martin Luther delivered his last sermons in the St Andreaskirche, a late-Gothic hall church on the hill behind the central Markt.

  • Galerie Herold


    This small but rewarding private gallery is worth a look if you're in the area. Its focus is on northern German expressionism.

  • Blaserturm

    Lake Constance

    The 51m-high Blaserturm is a part of Ravensburg's original fortifications and has superb views over the Altstadt from up top.

  • Kepler-Gedächtnishaus


    Disciples of astronomer and mathematician Johannes Kepler should visit the house he lived in while resident in Regensburg.

  • Neue Sächsische Galerie

    Leipzig & Western Saxony

    The renovated DAStietz building harbours the Neue Sächsische Galerie, which presents postwar works by Saxon artists.

  • Herzogsschloss

    Regensburg & the Danube

    The former ducal residence Herzogsschloss is an austere 14th-century building which houses the town's tax office.

  • Arsenal

    Northern Germany

    Schwerin's vividly orange arsenal dates from 1840 – its facade is these days more impressive than threatening.

  • Haus zum Walfisch


    The marvellously extravagant Haus zum Walfisch sports a late-Gothic oriel garnished with two impish gargoyles.

  • Mühlenhof-Freilichtmuseum


    A fun open-air museum where you can stroll among historical Westphalian buildings, including a mill and bakery.

  • Pelikan Apotheke


    This still-functioning pharmacy has been around since 1656… wander in to admire the splendid period touches.

  • Kloster Zoffingen


    The 13th-century Kloster Zoffingen is Konstanz' only remaining convent, still in the hands of Dominican nuns.

  • Couven Museum


    This small applied arts museum recreates the living spaces and lives of 17th- and 18th-century patricians.

  • Schwanenteich


    This pretty pond surrounded by trees backs onto Leipzig's opera house and is a charming place to wander.

  • Karmelitenkirche

    Regensburg & the Danube

    Straubing's Karmelitenkirche is a baroque church belonging to the Carmelite Convent, located next door.

  • Rheintorturm


    On the Rheinsteig is the medieval Rheintorturm, a defensive tower with a pyramid-shaped red-tile roof.

  • Bäckerbrunnen


    There’s a hot springs tap at the Bäckerbrunnen, a little brick building a block south of Goldgasse.

  • Neues Rathaus Tower


    For pinpointing Munich's landmarks without losing your breath, catch the lift up this 85m-tall tower.

  • Pulverturm


    Standing sentinel above the Rhine is the squat 14th-century Pulverturm tower, with 2m-thick walls.

  • Karlsplatz


    A bronze equestrian statue of German Emperor Wilhelm I (r 1871-1888) stands proud on Karlsplatz.

  • Röderturm

    Rothenburg ob der Tauber

    For a great lookout point on the town wall head for the Röderturm in the east of the old town.

  • Gotischer Fischbrunnen

    Swabian Alps Region

    The Gotischer Fischbrunnen (1509) is a large iron tub once used for storing fish before sale.

  • Naturpark-Haus


    This small interpretation centre gives a good overview of the park and its natural history.

  • Stiftskirche


    Topped by two mismatched towers, this largely 15th-century church has Romanesque origins.

  • Aquarium Geomar


    This small aquarium has a good collection of marine life from the Baltic and North Seas.

  • Domprobstei


    The orange-red, baroque Domprobstei was once the residence of the cathedral provosts.

  • Marktbrunnen


    On the Schlossplatz, the Marktbrunnen dates from 1753 and was restored in 2016.

  • Rathaus

    Swabian Alps Region

    The baroque-style Rathaus is festooned with coats of arms and cherubs.

  • Galeria Kaufhof


    A modern department store with an eye-catching art nouveau facade.

  • Martinstor


    One of Freiburg's two surviving medieval town gates.

  • Former Reichsluftfahrtministerium

    Former Reichsluftfahrtministerium

    Historic Mitte

    Designed by Ernst Sagebiel in 1935 and ’36, this behemoth was not only Hermann Göring’s power centre but also where the resistance group ‘Red Orchestra’…

  • Strasse des 17 Juni

    Strasse des 17 Juni

    Historic Mitte

    The broad boulevard bisecting Tiergarten was named Street of 17 June in honour of the victims of the bloodily quashed 1953 workers’ uprising in East…

  • Boulevard der Stars

    Boulevard der Stars


    Berlin's own version of Hollywood's Walk of Fame features 101 (and counting) brass stars embedded in a red-asphalt 'carpet' along Potsdamer Strasse. They…

  • Tetes et Queue sculpture by Alexander Calder, outside New National Gallery (Neue Nationalgalerie).

    Neue Nationalgalerie


    The fabulous collection of early-20th-century art housed at the Neue Nationalgalerie is off view until renovations of the gallery, led by architect David…

  • Schloss Bellevue, Historic Building

    Schloss Bellevue


    While in office, the German president makes his or her temporary home in this snowy white neoclassical palace on the edge of the Tiergarten. Built in 1785…

  • Berlin 2021: Marlene Dietrich honorary grave of the state of Berlin. The inscription reads "Hier steh ich an den Marken meiner Tage" (literally: "Here I am standing at the border stones of my days")

    Marlene Dietrich Grave


    Germany's first actress to hit the big time in Hollywood, Marlene Dietrich was born in Schöneberg in 1901. In 1992 the 'Blue Angel' moved into her final…

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