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Surrounded by wilderness, Kuhmo makes a natural base for hiking and wildlife-watching. Vast taiga forests run from here right across Siberia and harbour ‘respect’ animals like wolves, bears and lynx. Kuhmo is also the unofficial capital of Vienan Karjala, the Karelian heartland now in Russia, explored by artists in the movement that was crucial to the development of Finnish national identity. Most of their... Read More

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Husky Trekking Tour in Kuhmo

Following a 10am pickup at your centrally located accommodation in Kuhmo, meet your guide and greet the eager huskies. Then, attach your leash around your waist and set off with your husky and guide to begin your 5-hour hike.Follow forested trails through the Finnish countryside and enjoy your escape to nature. As you hike, let your husky lead the way and perhaps head off-track through the woods on the scent!During the day, savor a picnic lunch by the open fire and listen as your guide shares stories of life with the huskies. Perhaps enjoy a refreshing lake swim, then return in comfort to your accommodation in Kuhmo to bring your tour to an end.

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7-Day All Inclusive Summer Break at a Husky Farm in Kuhmo

The farm of about 25 dogs is located on a lakeshore and surrounded by taiga forests. It offers a great opportunity to experience the wilderness lifestyle: hiking in the nature, canoeing or rowing on a lake, fishing, picking berries, mushrooms & herbs, cooking, chopping firewood, heating up sauna and much more. You can also take part in daily tasks with huskies and go hiking with them.Below is an example of the itinerary, however it can also be tailored:Day 1: Arriving in Kajaani or Kuopio airport/railway station followed by transfer to the wilderness cabin. An opportunity to get familiar with the dogs and the surroundings. Dinner.Day 2: Foraging wild food. There are a plenty of edible plants, mushrooms and berries in the nature to collect. Some of the delicacies you may find include cranberries in early spring (they stay good over the winter) and late autumn (by then the new ones are ripe); false morels (mushrooms) in spring time; wild herbs in early summer, boletes, chantarelles and many other mushrooms from July until late autumn; cloudberries (July), blueberries (July-September), lingonberries & crowberries (August-September). Each evening you will have the chance to enjoy the great combination of traditional Finnish sauna and dipping into a refreshing lake water. In the evening you will make dinner of your catch of the day.Day 3: A day for fishing. During the summer months huskies are mainly fed on lake fish that you catch yourselves with a fyke net. Fyke net is a selective trap that mainly catches small Cyprinid fish like Roach. It takes a lot of time and effort but it all pays back with a smaller carbon footprint. You will also try to catch something for yourselves for the dinner. Most common catches are Pike, Perch, Zander & Whitefish.Day 4: Husky trekking day. Today you will pack the car with some eager huskies and head to one of the many nature trails there are in Kuhmo. Each participant will get a husky of their own, a special belt and a shock-absorbing leash. Huskies are very eager to pull and your job is to follow and slow down on the tricky parts. Lunch by the fire, some sausages for the dogs as well.Day 5: Canoeing day. For the start you will study the basic canoeing techniques. This is followed by a small canoeing tour, starting right from the cabin shore. On the way you can study beaver life on a small river. Lunch & coffee will be enjoyed by the open fire.Day 6: Hiking in the pathless woods. There are many nature protection areas without any marked trails, fireplaces or other hiking services. Today you will head to one of those. These areas preserve Kuhmo's most original nature, and there you can feel how it is to be one with the nature.Day 7: Departure from Kajaani or Kuopio Airport/train station.