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The residents of Kioa were finally granted Fijian citizenship in 2005. They are a very warm and traditional people. Women make woven handicrafts that are sold to tourists on Taveuni and Vanua Levu, and fishing is done from small, traditional drua (double-hulled canoes). The people of Kioa have a speciality called toddy, which is a tradition that they imported from Tuvalu. It’s a sweet syrup taken from coconut sap and can be made into a thick, spreadable syrup or fermented into a pungent alcoholic drink.

Read more about the island and its community here: www.kioaisland.org.

There is no official accommodation or facilities for tourists, though if you email the council on kioacouncil@gmail.com, they may find a homestay for you. Tui Tai Adventure Cruises and various international cruise ships make stops here. Alternatively, the Taveuni ferry might be able to drop you off on its way past, though remember, this is a private island and it's best to seek permission before just lobbing up. For snorkellers and divers, the Farm, off the most easterly point of the island, has fantastic corals.

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