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If you follow the Hibiscus Hwy to Buca Bay, the highway turns left (north), becoming more potholed as it heads through the Tunuloa Silktail Reserve, the habitat of the rare silktail bird. Found only on this peninsula and on Taveuni, the silktail is an endangered species: it remains under threat by continued logging. The average bird is about 8cm high and is black with a white patch on its tail.

If you turn right (south) at Buca Bay, you’ll head through Natuvu village and then up over the mountain to the next village, Dakuniba. The road is one big pothole and the going is slow, but you’ll be rewarded with dazzling views over the forest and out to sea. In a beautiful forest setting, just outside Dakuniba, petroglyphs are inscribed on large boulders. They are thought to be of ceremonial or mystical significance. Be sure to bring a sevusevu (gift) for the village chief and read up about village etiquette before you arrive. The people of Dakuniba are very friendly and may offer to take you to a nearby beach to swim, fish or snorkel. The famous Rainbow Reef is offshore from Dakuniba, but is more easily accessible from Taveuni.

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