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2 Days Nature Tour from Addis Ababa to Awash National Park

ItineraryDay 1: Addis Ababa - Bishoftu - Awash National Park Ethiopia Stop At: Merit Ethiopian Experience Tours, Addis AbabaYour guide will meet you at your hotel at 8:00 AM and start the day’s drive on 225 km east if Addis to Awash National Park. After driving 45 km from Addis, stop at Bishoftu Crater Lake which is noted for its great scenery. Then on the way to the park, visit the villages of the Oromo people who are the biggest in number from Ethiopia’s more than 80 ethnic groups.Have lunch at Metehara town, and proceed driving to Awash NP with a stop at the saline Lake of Beseka – set in a unique landscape surrounded with black basalt lava remnants and strangely increasing in size and water volume.After check in to the Awash NP and Awash Falls Lodge, walk for about an hour to see Grivet Monkey, Colobus Monkey, and to enjoy visiting the Awash River Falls.Duration: 7 hoursNo meals included on this day.No accommodation included on this day.Day 2: Awash National Park - Addis Ababa Stop At: Awash National Park EntranceAfter breakfast, game drive in Awash NP to see Beisa Oryx, Warthogs, Soemmerring’s Gazelle, Salt’s Dik-Diks, lesser Kudus, and if lucky, you may spot crocodiles in the Awash River. Among the more than 400 species of birds found in park, six endemic birds of Ethiopia can be seen in the park i.e. – Barbed Barbet, Golden Backed Woodpecker, White Winged Cliff Chat, White Tailed Starling, Thick Billed Raven, and Wattled Ibis. Then, head to a viewpoint to see the superb views of the Awash River Gorge. The Awash River does not reach the sea and runs a distance of about 1,200 km only in Ethiopia.Then, drive back to Addis Ababa with a lunch stop at Nazareth (Adama). You will also take part in a typical Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony and enjoy one of the best cups of coffees you ever taste. As Coffee is originally from the Kaffa area of Western Ethiopia, you may expect to taste your coffee and enjoy it as Ethiopians do.Duration: 5 hoursNo meals included on this day.No accommodation included on this day.

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Full Day Trip to Awash National Park

Day 1: Drive 225 km east of Addis Ababa to the Awash National Park with a stop at two of the crater lakes of Bishoftu and visiting the villages of the Oromo people. Late in the afternoon, enjoy the beautiful falls of the Awash River. Overnight - Awash Falls Lodge or Genet Hotel Note: - Awash Falls Lodge is the only accommodation facility in the park. Genet Hotel is found in the town of Awash which is 14 km away from the park.Day 2: In the morning, have a game drive in park to visit Biesa Oryx, Lesser Kudu, Gazelles, Warthogs, and various low land birds. If you are lucky, you may spot crocodiles in the Awash River, and Black backed jackals. Then, head back to Addis with a lunch stop at the city of Nazareth.

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Harar via Awash National Park Private Tour

Day 1 Drive to Awash National Park Pick up form the airport or your hotel in Addis Ababa then drive to Awash National Park. It takes 4/5 hours of drive depending on the traffic jam. You will take mandatory scout in the park and check in to your hotel. You will trek for couple of hours to Awash grassland visit wild animals & bird life.  At night you will visit cave of Hyenas.Overnight: Awash NP –Awash Falls LodgeDay 2: Game Drive in Awash Park. Today morning you will drive to the Awash River Valley and swim in the hot spring, then you will make half day game drive to see wild animals and different bird specious in Allay Dege area. You will be able to see some of the main animal lives like Oryx, Soemmerring's Gazelle, the tiny Salt Dik-Dik, the lesser and greater Kudus, Warthogs, Defarsa waterbuck, Anubis and Hamadryas baboons, Colobus and Grivet monkeys, Leopards, Lions, Black-Backed and Golden Jackals, Caracals, Servals and Wildcats. Overnight: -Awash Falls LodgeDay 03: Drive from Awash National Park to HararEarly morning you will leave Awash for Harar admiring  the Arba Gugu mountain chain on the way after the park's bio diversity.Overnight: Grand Gato Hotel/ Zubayda Guest HouseDay 4 Harar city tour Today you will make full day city tour of Harrar. Drive around the walls of Harar and enter to the old city using one of the five gates.  Walk around the rectangular houses of Harari ethnic group and everything made from stones. Visit the house of the 15th century French poet Arthur Rimbaud. At night drive to see the famous hyena  feeding rituals . Harrari people are known for thier UNESCO registered wall and mainly for the hyena feeding rituals Overnight: Grand Gato Hotel/ Zubayda Guest HouseDay 5 Drive from Harar to  Dire Dawa then fly to Addis Ababa Leave Harar visiting the beer factory .Drive to Dire Dawa city - the second bigest commercial hub next to Addis on the way you will see coffee farms and Chat farms. If you r flight is at night you will visit Dire Dawa city the market, the museum, animal zoo and the first  railway station that link Addis Ababa and Djibouti. In the eveining fly back to Addis Ababa.

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Awash National Park Tours

Visit: Omo Valley, Addis AbabaWelcome to Ethiopia, On arrival we will meet you at the airport then we will be driving to Awash National Park you  225 kilometers east of Addis Ababa with its southern boundary along the Awash River and the park  covers 756 square kilometers of acacia woodland and grassland. In the south of the park the Awash River gorge has amazing waterfalls. In the upper Kudu Valley at Filwoha are hot springs amid groves of palm trees. In the evening you will have a chance to do a short game drive to see the local wildlife, such as oryx, baboons, greater and lesser kudu, warthogs, gazelles, Columbus monkeys.  Additionally, you’d be very lucky to see leopards, lions, and other cats.  The landscapes in the park are beautiful, looking over the Awash Gorge. Today you can drive deep into the park, near the hot springs.

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9 Days Historical and Cultural tour to East Ethiopia

• Addis Ababa city Tours city tour then attend our welcome party at cultural restaurant, Addisinia Hotel • Drive to Harar after you arrive in Harar start visiting the town by Ras Tefari Mekonen  house the former king of Ethiopia , house of Rimbaud and the Harari  cultural center, at the night time watching the peaceful hyenas feed meat by men  Heritage plaza hotel • Drive to Diredwa on the way watching the amazing land escapes and rock formation also the market place found in Babille you can also see camel market which is held on Monday and Thursday ,then visiting the best town of Diredawa Blossom hotel • Drive to Awash national park Drive to Awash National park then watching the hot springs, Awash fall, vast number of wild life and bird life Awash fall lodge • Drive to Goba Early we depart from the park proceed driving to Goba En route you will visit the zuway Lake , overnight in Wabishebelle Hotel Wabishebelle Hotel • Drive to Dinsho After paying for the park entrance and local guide we start the amazing scenery of the park by foot or horse back then move to Gaisay grassland the place where you can see the endemic mammals such as the Minilik’s bushbuck, Ethiopian wolfs and mountain Nyla and endemic birds such as Abyssinian cat bird, Wattled ibis, Abyssinian long claw and others, Camping • Drive to web valley start trekking visiting the Habera water fall crossing the web river this area is a place where you can see wild animals including Leopards, Dinsho lodge • Drive to Langano drive to Langano on the way you will visit the best birding spots, after arrival at Langano you will swim on the beautiful lake or you can make a relax on the beautiful lake shore, Simbo Resort • Drive back to Addis Ababa  After you visit the Abijata national park to visit the different species of Birds drive back to Addis Ababa after arrival you will transfer to airport for your international flight departure back to Home Departure

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12 Days Ethiopian Birds And Wildlife Tour

ItineraryDay 1: Arrival Stop At: Bole International AirportOn arrival in Addis Ababa your guide and driver will assist you and transfer you to the hotel to stay overnight. If time allows In the afternoon, visit some of the capital city highlights, National Museum, Ethnographic Museum notably Mt Entoto Park overlooking the city.Duration: 5 hoursNo meals included on this day.Accommodation included: Overnight Hotel Day 2: Addis Ababa - Bahar DarStop At: Lake Tana, Bahir Dar, Amhara RegionFly to Bahar Dar on Ethiopian Airlines. Visit the marketplace in Bahar Dar. Take a boat tour on Lake Tana, the source of the Blue Nile, and tour ancient island monasteries, which is Inhabited by Different Kind of Birds, and Wild Life, Hippopotamuses, Black and White Colobus Monkeys, and Black Crowned Cranes,Eastern White Pelicans, and you can spot other distinctive species like the Malachite Kingfisher and the Lesser Jacana…Duration: 7 hoursMeals included: • BreakfastAccommodation included: Overnight Hotel Day 3: Bahar Dar – Blue Nile Falls - Debark Stop At: Blue Nile Falls, Amhara RegionEarly in the morning we will start our road to Debark, On the wa we will stop in Blue Nile falls which is largely inhabited by bird lives, Then drive to Debark the gate to the Semine Mountains. En route we will stop at different locations to visit the endemic Chilada Babbon and the scenic Semine gorgeDuration: 8 hoursMeals included: • BreakfastAccommodation included: Overnight Lodge Day 4: Semien Mountain Stop At: Simien Mountains National Parktreks to see the Semine Mountain massif in the morning followed by breakfast, drive to Chenek Hike around the camp and see the Walia Ibex and see Endemic Ethiopian Bird like spot Breasted Plover, Abyssinian Long Claw, AnkoberSerin, Thick Billed Ravens, Black Winged Love Bird, Red Billed Chough…. Drive back to Loadge Duration: 10 hoursMeals included: • BreakfastAccommodation included: Over Night Lodge. Day 5: Drive to Gondar - Addis Ababa Stop At: Simien Mountains National ParkEarly short treks to see the Semine Mountain. Late afternoon drive back to Gondar to catch the evening flight and fly back to Addis Ababa and overnight in Addis Duration: 8 hoursMeals included: • BreakfastAccommodation included: Overnight HotelDay 6: 5Lake LanganoStop At: Haile Resort Ziway BatuDrive to the Rift Valley Lakes region to stay overnight at the relaxed lakeside Sabana Lodge. The Loadge has a varity of Birds, like Goa way Bird, Hammer kop.. The drive down takes in some interesting stops In Lake Ziway to see the Bird Island. whic is the Island is Inhabited only by a various type of Birds. Duration: 7 hoursMeals included: • BreakfastAccommodation included: Overnight Lodge Day 7: Lake Langano - Bale Mountains National ParkStop At: Bale Mountains, Goba, Oromiya RegionAfter breakfast, drive to Dinsho in the Bale Mountains National Park, to stay 3 nights in Bale Mountains. . Around the Juniper and Hagenia woods just outside the park boundaries, a quick search should reveal two endemic antelopes: the Mountain Nyala (population approxinately 2,500) was one of the last large antelopes to be discovered in Africa and is endemic to this part of Ethiopia. The less gregarious, almost blackish Menelik’s bushbuck is also easy to see. Woodland birding here is superb. Duration: 8 hoursMeals included: • BreakfastAccommodation included: Overnight HotelDay 8: Bale Mountains National Park - Sanetti PlateauStop At: Bale Mountain LodgeTake an excursion on Africa’s highest-lying road to the bleak Afro-alpine moorlands of the Sanetti Plateau. This area holds the largest concentration of the remaining 400-odd Ethiopian wolves, now critically endangered with none held anywhere in captivity. Because the wolves are habituated and diurnal, they often allow for good photo opportunities. Sleek and animated, these wolves are the world's rarest Canids. Just as interesting, is its main prey item, the endemic Giant mole rat, which somewhat resembles a large marmot or gopher. Birdlife includes several endemic moorland-dwelling species such as Africa’s only true goose, the Blue-winged goose. Raptors abound. Duration: 8 hoursMeals included: • BreakfastAccommodation included: Overnight Lodge Day 9: Bale Mountains National Park - Harenna ForestStop At: Bale Mountain LodgeA dramatic escarpment separates the various sectors of Bale Mountains National Park, which, as its proprietor Yvonne Levene aptly points out, is an 'experience' rather than just a visit. (That's why one needs at least three days here).The beautiful tropical Harenna Forest, in which Bale Mountains Lodge is located, is a treasure trove for naturalists. Harenna is as yet poorly inventoried, but does hold some rare wildlife such as the recently described, highly localized Bale monkey. (Lucky visitors also see Lion).Evergreen forest birdlife is exceptionally diverse here, as is other wildlife. Duration: 5 hoursMeals included: • BreakfastAccommodation included: Overnight Lodge Day 10: Drive to Awash National Park Stop At: Awash Falls LodgeDrive to the Awash National Park, Through The highlands of arsi make an interesting stop. Awash Falls is home to an array of wildlife unique to the Horn of Africa. The park holds mammals such as Beisa Oryx, Soemmerrings Gazelle, Guenther's dikdik, Hamadryas and Anubis baboons and over 350 species of birds. (The park is superb for birdwatching).Duration: 8 hoursMeals included: • BreakfastAccommodation included: Overnight Lodge Day 11: AwashStop At: Awash Falls LodgeBirding in Awash National Park, located in the Great Rift Valley. Many species of birds are found here: African Orange-bellied Parrots, Bustards, Weavers, Hoopoe, Yellow-throated Serine, Red-fronted Barbet, Pygmy Batis, Lesser-striped Swallow, Abyssinian Roller and the House Martin. The park also boasts a variety of mammals: the Anubis Baboon, Colobus Monkey, Black-backed Jackal, Bat-eared Fox, Egyptian Mongoose, Warthog, Beisa Oryx, Soemmering’s Gazelle, Lesser Kudu, Salt’s Dikdik, etc.Duration: 8 hoursMeals included: • BreakfastAccommodation included: Overnight Lodge Day 12: Drive to Addis Ababa Stop At: National Museum of Ethiopia(Godambaa Biyyoolesa Itiyoopiyaa)Optional souvenir shopping if time permits. Enjoy a Farewell dinner at a traditional Ethiopian restaurant featuring dancers and musicians representing some of the country's many ethnic groups. Transfer to airport for late night departure if neededDuration: 8 hoursMeals included: • BreakfastNo accommodation included on this day.

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